Daniel Cormier plans on waiting for shot at Jon Jones' title: 'At a point, you have to make a stand'

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Cormier on why he will wait for a shot at UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones no matter how long it takes for that fight to happen

Daniel Cormier's plans are to defeat Dan Henderson at UFC 173, and then fight Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight title - no matter how long that fight takes to come to fruition.

Cormier (14-0) appeared on The MMA Hour and said of that title shot, "I've waited long enough. This will be my fifth top-10 win, and I'm not fighting anyone else. I'm going to sit and wait and get better, and I'm going to wait to fight Jon Jones."

Jones' next title defense remains unbooked, but that fight will almost certainly be against No. 1 ranked Alexander Gustafsson. Gustafsson and Jones fought at UFC 165 in a bout that many considered to be the best light heavyweight title fight in UFC history. Gustafsson came out on the losing end of that contest, but he walked away with the respect and admiration of the MMA community for his performance, bloodying Jones and taking the champion to the mat on multiple occasions.

When asked if he thought Gustafsson could win the rematch, Cormier was quick to reply, "No chance." The No. 4 ranked Cormier then amended his answer by saying that if you were to ask 10 people who would win that fight nine would answer Jones. Cormier added that he expected that nine out of 10 fans would similarly chose Jones to defeat him. Cormier said the reason behind that line of thinking is because, on paper Jones looks to be just about unbeatable.

As for the fight directly in front of him, Cormier said of the May 24 scrap against Henderson (30-11), "I'm going to be healthy and ready to fight. I can't wait to compete. I'm a little scared, if I have to be honest with you, but I'm excited about the chance to compete."

The Henderson bout will be Cormier's second at 205 pounds. His first fight at the light heavyweight limit was a 79 second TKO win over Patrick Cummins at UFC 170. Cormier said of the upcoming fight, "I like this much better than the last fight. Getting to go out there and fight someone that I respect on a high level, someone that's been through everything that I've been through, somebody that's competed on the highest level for a long time, and a person that I like as a person, (but) It's not going to be difficult to fight him."

Despite his obvious admiration for Henderson, Cormier said he noticed that time may be catching up to the veteran fighter, "What I didn't like of the Shogun (Mauricio Rua) and the Vitor (Belfort) fight - as an analyst, in the Shogun fight he came back and he knocked him out. In the Vitor fight he got knocked out. That never would happen to Dan Henderson. He's falling down, he never used to fall down, so his grit and determination is carrying him through these tough situations where he's still able to get victories, but it's showing signs that he's taking some damage."

As for why he plans on waiting for his shot at Jones and his title, Cormier said, "It's not that I'm afraid I'd lose to any of these guys; I don't believe that. I think I can beat them all. I just think that at a point, you have to make a stand about what's important for me."

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