Welcome the new BE mods

As you may have noticed, we put out a drive for a few new mods last week. A bunch of people volunteered and I'd like to thank them all for doing that. Alas, there were only a few spots to fill and the current moderating team sat down over a few beers (actually Katie was drinking straight gin and Brenda was enjoying a wine spritzer of the highest caliber) to figure out who would be the best fit. After many hours, many drinks, and many jokes about Mookie's voice, we finally came to an agreement.

Then I forgot about it for four days because I'm not so bright sometimes.

Then I posted a comment saying I'd email the selected candidates in a few hours, and forgot to do that too. So everyone just figured they didn't get selected. Bad memory or subtle trolling? I'll let you decide.

Either way, here's who ended up making the cut:


Sweet Scientist

Community is Awesome

Victor Rodriguez

You can now go ahead and say 'WTF Burke how much did you idiots drink to come up with those four, you guys all suck and they suck too and I'd do a much better job and you suck'. Or something along those lines. To be clear though, Victor wasn't voted in - he actually sent me some cash via PayPal and effectively bought his position. And I was completely okay with that. Democracy be damned.

Anyway, in the next few days these fine folks will be undergoing a name change to something approximating their real names (except for Community is Awesome - that's actually his name) and you can bag on them for being complete sellouts and slaves to the corporation. Or you can be the bigger man/woman and congratulate them on their acceptance into the coolest club on the whole northwestern side of the internet:

The Bloody Elbow Moderators Group.

We have rayon jackets and everything. Mine says "Potential Cirrhosis Victim" on the back. It's neat.

Damon, give 'em a gif.

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