Welcome to the UFC Rodrigo Monstro

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

An injury to Claudio Silva has brought a new welterweight signing from the ranks of Jungle Fight. Current Jungle Fight Welterweight champion Rodrigo Goiana de Lima.

It's that time of year again, spring has past. The the world is creeping into the summer months, and the UFC is out harvesting another crop of Jungle Fight champions. Just last week, they signed lightweight champ Thiago dos Santos. Now, following an undisclosed injury to Claudio Silva, Combate reports that the UFC has picked up Jungle Fight welterweight champion Rodrigo Goiana de Lima, or Rodrigo "Monstro" as he is more regularly known. Monstro will be facing off against a surging Neil Magny at Fight Night Auckland on June 28th.

Who is Rodrigo Goiana de Lima?

The current Jungle Fight welterweight champion, 22-year old Rodrigo "Monstro" will bring with him an 8-1-1 record with him to the UFC. While he's listed as training under a variety of lesser known camps, the most notable alignment for his training comes through Team Trator and his brother, UFC lightweight Michel "Trator" Prazeres. A quick skim through Monstro's record shows a mix of good, bad, and ugly competition. Much of his early fights were against debuting and raw fighters, and his recent competition has been not bad (but hardly exciting). However, dotted in his 10 pro fights are some quality opponents, and his win over Zozimar Oliveira Silva Jr. and a draw against John Macapa suggest he's capable of competing with solid talent.

What you should expect:

Monstro is not a pretty fighter. When standing he tends to swing wild with clubbing strikes that I'd hesitate to call "hooks." He often gets himself off balance when throwing in combination and isn't particularly hard to hit in return. He has some nice kicks, that he's capable of throwing with power, but striking is not his strength. Really, when you get down to it, strength is his strength. That, and a pretty nasty BJJ scrambling game. Monstro doesn't have the greatest takedown game in the world, but when the fight hits the mat he's very adept at using his massive upper body strength to initiate scrambles where he excels at finding submissions in transition. Couple that with some very decent ground and pound, and de Lima has a lot of potential for growth.

What this means for his debut:

Probably not much. Potential is great, but Rodrigo Goiana de Lima is a very unrefined product. If he had a really great takedown offense I'd probably feel better about his chances, as Magny isn't exactly a world class wrestler. But, Magny is really coming into his own as a fighter right now. He's fast and accurate on his feet, his kickboxing is technical and sharp, and unless he just goes in and decides he wants to try and out grapple Monstro, he should have a pretty clear path to victory in this fight.

To get us better acquainted, here's de Lima's last fight against Gabriel Toussaint:

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