Renzo Gracie on NYC brawl: 'Many times the justice system doesn’t work properly'

Josh Hedges

Renzo Gracie went on The MMA Hour to explain the "misunderstanding" that took place outside a nightclub in New York.

Renzo Gracie has finally decided to share his side of the story on his nightclub brawl in New York City last week.

The UFC and PRIDE veteran, along with Andre Gusmao, and cousins Igor and Gregor Gracie were arrested outside the 1 OAK nightclub in New York following a brawl that involved one of the bouncers at the club. They were all arrested and charged with misdemeanour assault before being released on $10, 000 bail.

Molesphini, the nightclub bouncer involved in the brawl, would later tell the NY Post that he believed it was a "carefully planned" attack.

"He said the attack was "retribution for me not allowing two of their masters into the venue last week," Molesphini said. "This was a carefully planned and coordinated attack. The police arrested all seven of them."

Since Gracie had already put out a tweet claiming that the entire situation was a "misunderstanding," he joined Ariel Helwani's The MMA Hour on Tuesday afternoon to explain his side of the story.

"I would never hit someone who chickened out," Gracie said. "He asked for a towel. He asked to leave. I couldn't hit him.

"Now that they watched the tapes they realize nothing happened but me taking the guy down and mounting on him. When I was gonna start beating him up, he said to me ‘why are you doing this? I don't know you. Why are you beating me up?' You have to understand one thing. In my life, I promise that I'll never hit someone who chickened out. And the guy chickened out. I couldn't hit him."

"I stood up and at the same time an amazing bouncer that I know for a long day came up asking ‘Renzo, why are you doing this?' I stood up and said ‘I didn't know you were working here tonight. I apologize to you, I apologize coming to your place without talking to you first.' And I started walking, but the problem is that this same guy stood up and called all the bouncers and was telling them we were attackers. So as we were trying to make to the car, the bouncers are coming after us when the cops arrived."

Gracie believes the bouncer ultimately turned the incident into a "huge scandal," and that his group was the one that was outnumbered during the altercation.

"When the cops arrived he made a huge scandal and got us arrested. Many times the justice system doesn't work properly. We were the only ones arrested, there was no gang assault. There were three guys jumping on Igor and luckily nobody hit nobody. The only person that took someone down was me. My altercation was directly with this person that is accusing us."

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