Dana White: 'We’re all going to find out what Renan Barao’s really made of'

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

How will Renan Barao bounce back from losing the UFC bantamweight title to T.J. Dillashaw at UFC 173? As Dana White said, ' Last time he lost he didn't lose again for 35 fights. Let's see what he does after this loss.'

The end officially came at the 2:26 mark of the fifth round, but the way UFC president Dana White saw it, UFC 173's main event was practically over at the 3:58 mark of Round 1.

That's the exact moment when +710 underdog T.J. Dillashaw caught (then) UFC bantamweight champion Renan Barao with a powerful right hand. The heavily favored Barao (-910) immediately dropped to the mat, and was further assaulted on the ground by the swarming Dillashaw.

Dillashaw was unable to end the fight at that point. However, White, speaking at the post-fight media scrum said that he felt that punch put Barao at the point of no return, "If you get hit with the shot that he got hit with, most people would have got knocked out with that shot," said White.

Before the second round began, commentator Joe Rogan questioned, "How much damage did that punch do?"

The answer to that inquiry was obviously a lot.

White was impressed by Barao's effort after the knockdown, "He kept fighting. (He) showed tons of heart and durability," said White. At the same time the UFC boss openly wondered, "But how does he bounce back from a loss like that?"

The last time Barao lost a fight prior to his fifth round TKO loss to Dillashaw was April 14, 2005. That fight, a unanimous decision loss to João Paulo Rodrigues de Souza was Barao's first fight as a professional. After that loss, Barao went 33 straight fights without tasting defeat.

White addressed the expected questions after Barao's second career defeat by saying, "You start asking yourself, ‘Did he get caught up in the hype? Did he not take Dillashaw seriously? Did he not do this? Did he not do that?' Only he knows that. Only he knows the answer to that. I think he came out to fight the fight, but got caught."

During fight week, the UFC president said he saw no indication that Barao was looking past Dillashaw or evidence of outside forces that would have prevented him from performing to the fullest, "All the (right) things we're there," said White.

By the time the fight came to a close, the dominating Dillashaw had landed 169 total strikes (99 significant) and upped his UFC bantamweight record to 5.23 significant strikes landed per minute.

As Dillashaw and his teammates celebrated the win somewhere in the bowels of the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, White commented on the question of how Barao would bounce back from a beating like the one he took on May 24. "That's what we're going to see," said White. "We're all going to find out what Renan Barao's really made of. Last time he lost he didn't lose again for 35 fights, let's see what he does after this loss."

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