Fight Pass Gems- International Fight Week

So I wanted to start this a couple of weeks ago, but my post didn't save. Hogwash. Anywho, there is still a ton of hate in the MMA community regarding UFC Fight Pass. While I simply do not understand the hate, since, a true fan of any sports team, league, athlete, usually supports them by purchasing jerseys, tickets, in this case Fight Pass, I understand that times are tough, and $10 bucks a month might not be in someone's budget. Fear not, as I will try to bring some interesting shit I find on there, and share it with you.

My last post was going to be a recap of the Ultimate Fedor II series they uploaded. I was shocked to see them even covering the Fedor fights, but i guess they worked out the issues with M-1 to show his fights. What's weird is they had the Werdum fight, but not the Hendo fight, and you'd think with 173 having Hendo, they would want to showcase that. Taking a trip down memory lane and seeing Heath Hearring and his incredibly strange anime-influenced hair cut, or the terrible commenting by Bas and the other dood mispronouncing Fedor's name, gives me the feels.

Alas, I am also not here to say that Fight Pass is perfect. By all means, that shit needs improvements ASAP and we could go on and on about what needs to get fixed. But hey, i'm just a fight fan with my own opinions, and not having cable, I truly enjoy everything about it.

For this week, let's cover the International Fight Week Press Conference!

  • First off, it was awesome seeing Chael, Ronda, Chris W. on the same stage promoting a fight. It kinda sucked cause they were all well-spoken and then you had Machida, Davis, Wandy, and BJ (even though Frankie wasn't there, and they're fighting the day after 175) being the dull side of the podium.
  • Dana being Dana. Honestly, i think he needs to cool it with Reporter-bashing cause, he called out Gareth during the whole Mayweather-Ronda debate, calling him a Boxing Guy who doesnt know what he's talking about. Then it was even cooler seeing Gareth owning Dana by saying he's been covering MMA for the last 8 years. Take that Dana!
  • I realize that you can find this Press Conference on YouTube or even MMA Fighting, but on Fight Pass, the camera angles move to the journalists asking the questions, and the fans as well. You also get the stare-down between Chael and Wandy at the end, and they just keep going at it.
  • Speaking of the fans, the coolest part was seeing this Chael-loving guy go up to the mic, and start spewing Chael-esque rhymes, making Chael speechless at how good he was. "Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for my brother!". Pretty rad.
  • The last thing tho, which I didn't see anyone cover, was PAT BARRY. There was an article written a couple of weeks ago after HD got KTFO where Dana says Brock Lesnar called him and pleaded to make him retire. I follow Pat on Instagram and you could tell he read that article too. SO much so, he has been posting videos mocking everyone regarding "Drain Bamage"(Brain Damage) or even going up some metal bars at the playground in sandals, only to yell "Concussion!" after doing it without falling. Well, leading up to UFC 173, Pat's videos have been in Vegas, so you know he was there. Immediately after the last fan question, Pat Barry jumps on the mic, and Dana says, "wait that was the last question, oh wait, it's Pat Barry everyone! i have a feeling this isnt going to be good!" And it wasnt....After the crowd get's hyped to see him, Pat asks, "I was just wondering, i never got a call from Brock Lesnar, and he's my friend, saying please retire, but i was just wondering if that phone call really happened. I called him and he hasn't answered yet, so Brock, please call me..." I'm missing half of the quote, but it was awkward to say the least. Dana was quick to say, "i haven't called you either" and gives an uncomfortable laugh....Barry_medium

This concludes my Fight Pass Gems recap. Hope y'all enjoyed it, and i'll try to find more stuff to share with you, while you hold out on giving the UFC your $10 bucks a month. Don't forget, UFC Fight Night Berlin is this Saturday, so you can totally get the free 7 day trial to watch it, and then cancel.



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