Sam Hon & Luke Rockhold discuss Optical Panacea art exhibit featuring MMA fighters

Image courtesy of Optical Panacea

Photo artist, Sam Hon and UFC middleweight star, Luke Rockhold discuss this weekend's Optical Panacea art exhibit.

For those who appreciate fine art photography and MMA, Optical Panacea is an option worth exploring. The company, founded by professional photographer, Sam Hon and UFC Bantamweight superstar, Urijah Faber, blends together photo art in motion of the top MMA athletes. For better understanding of the company, their "About" page is quite expansive and details the use of a series of photographs that are blended together to form a mural. The results are stunning and have been gathering attention all over Las Vegas.

Today and tomorrow, between the hours of 12-2 PM PST, there will be an art exhibit featuring some new pieces from Optical Panacea inside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. The event is free and open to the public, and will showcase new art with Octagon ring card girl Arianny Celeste and UFC Middleweight top contender, Luke Rockhold as the subject material. Both Celeste and Rockhold will be on hand to sign purchased art.

*All images provided by Sam Hon of Optical Panacea*

Bloody Elbow spoke briefly with art mastermind, Sam Hon who gave a little detail on the art,

The photo shoots aren't very time-consuming at all. The one I did with Luke was maybe 60 minutes at the most. It's all the post production that takes a long time. We're also releasing a new piece on Anderson Silva this weekend, and that one took 100+ hours of post-production work.


We try to incorporate the fighter's personality into the work. Luke is from Santa Cruz and is a surfer, so the concept was to have a Point Break type theme with him fighting himself on the beach. He had a beard when I got there, so we did one shoot with the beard and then we had him shave it so we could do another with him clean shaven. It's kind of like he was fighting a villain version of himself.


Our piece of Chael Sonnen is very unique, too. He's got a bit of the politician in him, so we have him doing a debate with himself, and also has a fight with himself. Each fighter speaks to me in a different way, and then I come up with a concept based on their personalities.

I couldn't resist asking Rockhold if he was ready to do battle with Arianny for best looking art subject, to which he jokingly responded that he was ready for the challenge,

[Laughs] You know, I'm a little intimidated, but I think I might be up to the challenge if we were able to do a dance-off instead.

Hon also donates several pieces of signed art on a regular basis to the Boys and Girls Club of America to be auctioned off so that they may benefit from the proceeds, and they plan on expanding to work with other charities, as well.

Attached press release with all pertinent information is courtesy of Jen Wenk:


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