Dana White takes Twitter act to the Washington Post

Angel Valentin

Dana White behaves the same everywhere whether its on Twitter or in front of a reporter for one of America's top media outlets.

Dana White lashing out at media is nothing new. We've seen it in the past with his taking issue with any number of articles at Sherdog, leading to his most infamous moment, dismissive attitudes toward serious questions, odd behavior during "media scrums" and countless Twitter exchanges.

Most recently, White got upset with an article at MMA Junkie earlier this week after only reading the headline. That led him to lash out on Twitter, both at Fowlkes for the article and at the media in general. Two of White's favorite statements are that he "doesn't read articles on the internet," and that there are "no more journalists," both of which came up during the Twitter tirade on Tuesday.

White was recently profiled by the Washington Post. This is a huge "get" for the UFC's PR team because its one of the most prestigious media outlets in the country, read by the most powerful and influential people on Earth. Dana's behavior towards the MMA media was the very first thing mentioned in the story.

The incident centered around an interview with Chuck Liddell conducted by Ariel Helwani:

Interviewer Ariel Helwani just asked Chuck Liddell whether he would want to fight Jon Jones, who’s 18 years younger than the retired MMA legend. The broadcast is Internet-only at this point, a lead-in to the night’s pay-per-view, but that doesn’t matter to White, who is momentarily slack-jawed before making a bee-line for the door.

"He’s retired, you idiot!" White yells at Helwani, his voice echoing in the concrete hallway.


"I just [expletive] ripped Ariel Helwani’s head off for that interview of Chuck Liddell. . . . How do you call out a 44-year old [expletive] legend and ask him if he wants to fight a 26-year old [expletive] kid?"

White paces around the room a bit before sinking into one of the sofas. Soon Borsari arrives and explains that a producer was the one who suggested the offensive question. White is quiet for a second.

"Well, I’ll go apologize to him then," he says, walking toward the door, still brooding.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression and this is the first time most Washington Post readers are learning anything substantial about Dana White. The story of the UFC's international expansion is covered as well, but buried far below the lede of an angry White berating a media member.

We should note that Helwani works for our sister site MMA Fighting but at the time he was asking the question he was working for Fox Sports where he is an on-camera interviewer.

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