Dana White discusses newly added strawweight division, says he is ‘really happy’ with TUF 20 cast

Dana White is excited to see the addition of the women’s strawweight division to the UFC and believes the timing made perfect sense considering the talent present in the roster.

Dana White is pleased with the addition of the women's strawweight division, as well as the cast selected for the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter.

The UFC is scheduled to feature a brand new women's division on TUF 20, where the contestants will be competing for a chance to win the UFC strawweight title in the final.

The TUF 20 cast includes the majority of the top competitors in the division, including Invicta champion Carla Esparza, Joanne Caldwerood, Tecia Torres, Bec Rawlings, and Felice Herrig. Other notable fighters include Rose NamajunasAlex Chambers and Emily Kagan.

"You guys know the women that are coming," White told media members at the pre-fight media scrum. "They have amazing personalities, they're talented. It's going to be interesting.  It'll be fun."

The all-star cast is a breath of fresh air for a show that has been dealing with the growing perception of staleness for the past few years.  While White does not echo that fan sentiment, he is certainly excited about the TUF 20 cast and is looking forward to how they enhance the show.

"I'm really happy with the cast. Really happy."

"The growth on the women's side of this sport has been astronomical. What we've done with women in combat sports has never been done in the history of combat sports. The growth is unbelievable."

When it came to discussing individual cast members, White preferred to reserve judgment until he has watched them compete and interact on the show.

"Here is the reality. I don't know a lot about their abilities until I've seen them fight. I know where these girls are ranked. I know how people feel about them. We'll see what happens.

"I'll have a lot more opinions about these girls when I spend six weeks with them."

While few can argue the rapid evolution of Women's MMA in the UFC, White insists that the promotion is unlikely to add a featherweight or flyweight division in the near future.

"Na. I think it is going to be a long time before that happens. When we first bought this company, there wasn't a 155lb division.  It took a long time for that to come together.

"I think it will be a long time before we add another weight class. Those two weight classes will be perfect for a while."

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