How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? YouTube Cats and Airport MMA Training

The week's most interesting bits from the MMA and UFC twitter world.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


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"Never fought a Former Champion or a top 10 guy and getting all the hype not impress by you @IamTheImmortal @ufc"  -Hector Lombard

"Hey @ShogunRua I heard you are having a rough time with some of your countrymen. If you ever need any PSD give me a call. I know people."  -Tim Kennedy

"When people ask me what my pet peeves are, I usually respond with, "well...I really hate when people ask me my pet peeves"  -Russell Doane ‏

"@nickdiaz209 please un-retire and fight Anderson Silva. I'll buy you a beer and take you shooting!"  -Tim Kennedy, or Matt Brown. I'm game either way.

"If the bouncer got his ass whooped, it was probably for good reason. does not start fights. He finishes them."  -Chatri Sityodtong

"What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, except 175 grains of metal traveling at 2800 ft./s.... that will definitely kill you"  -Tim Kennedy

"Son, I’m just sayin, if you don’t talk to yourself you’re the weirdo. Not everyone else."  -Jason High

"Landed in #LA & I'm not sure I'll ever get the truly terrifying image of a woman walking out of the airplane bathroom barefoot."  -Kenny Florian



"Let's see if @TitoOtiz can do that to me. He knows his only hope is to hold me down for dear life. "  -Stephan Bonnar

"Guess who's back? Wow. Looked terrible. Beat a small 85er. "  -T.J. Grant



"I am very glad that Dana responded to my plea to get rid of our issues the fighters &fans deserve better than the two of us slinging mud"  -Ken Shamrock

"I am so thankful for the things in my life. Beautiful family, respect from my fans, good health & finally made peace with "  -Ken Shamrock



"Had 2 post this one so all the haters know I don't give a damn about what they talking.. Haha I'm still laughing and loving my job,life,family and bank accounts!!"  -Quinton Jackson





"I honestly couldn't careless about what Bellator does next. I'll be here getting better and ready to fight anyone anytime. #anyonecangetit"  -Will Brooks

"Like it or not I won the belt. I don't care what Bjorn or Bellator does next, go do Chandler/Alvarez III I don't care "  -Will Brooks

"Bjorn's not going to send 1 of Bellator's poster boys to the back of the line and back in the tournament. Let's stop playing games"  -Will Brooks

"I honestly don't need the Bellator belt to be champion I just want to get better as a fighter and change the way things work now... My GF, family, friends, coach, teammates, and fans support me as if I'm a champion belt or no belt so I'm no tripping"  -Will Brooks

"It's all BS and the people know it and the fighters. Like me or hate me I'm going to force change in this organization or be fired"  -Will Brooks

"I paid Chandler respect said "with or without a belt Chandler is a champion still" he can't show the same respect fine lets do it again bro"  -Will Brooks

"Chandler/Alvarez are only worried about fighting each other and making their money and more power to them for that can't hate them for it... But I'm focused on changing things for the fighters in the organization because there's talent in Bellator that's getting over looked.. We the fighters break our necks, grind, suffer, and sacrifice in the gym to battle and entertain. And for what? To be taken advantage of"  -Will Brooks

"I'm with everyone else on this one. Eddie should take the easier fight against me. Take the easy W bro and roll out into the sunset" -Will Brooks



"1 YouTube cat saves a kid from a crazed dog and we're now supposed to forgive all 500 million of them for being assholes?" -Sean Shelby

"@julesk_fighter like I always say: If your cat was 200 lbs. heavier, you'd be dead by now."  -Sean Shelby

" no she would be too fat to catch me. Also, I willingly surrender to my place in the circle of life, if death has cute whiskers"  -Julie Kedzie



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