Brief reviews from Cannes

So as some of you might know I've been at the Cannes film festival for the past 5 days so I'm gonna rundown my top moments so far. This is my first Cannes and first trip to France.

My first impression of this festival was HOLY SHIT! there are people everywhere, i honestly expected it to be more private and intimate judging from what my friend told me from his previous years, but it's far from that. The events are littered with stars, publicists, agents, cameramen, fans, and just general people trying to get a picture of a star. It's insane you can barely move (and I'm behind the scenes and it's still this jam packed!)

Right onto the films (brief reviews)


How to train your dragon 2

If you're a fan of the first you will love the second even more. This admittedly is turning into my favorite Dreamworks franchise. The voice acting is top notch and there's some real beautiful shots, i just wish that they had kept some of them going instead of the constant cutting away to a different angle and then another and another but it was a damn near perfect follow up to it's predecessor.

This at times kept me on the edge of my seat (at 24years old) so suspect it will blow younger minds away. I'll be there on opening day with my kid siblings and my i love Toothless shirt. 4/5


The Salvation

This a danish made Neo-western set in 1871 America starring Mads Mikkelsen and Eva green

This was a pleasant surprise for me as a lover of westerns (and Mads Mikkelsen) This is a film about vengeance and the repercussions of said vengeance. Mikkelsen is on top form as usual here with Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing a bog standard cliched bad guy, but the standout of this film is Eva Green. She mesmerises in a role with no dialogue.

Director Kristian Levring handles the direction with finesse in a film filled with outstanding performances and gory gunfights 4/5


The Homesman

A film about a claim jumper and a pioneer woman who team up to escort three insane women from Nebraska to Iowa.

It's a stony film in a lot of ways, fairly slow moving at first but it builds gradually and packs a wallop in the last 25minutes with a powerful plot twist.I'd say it was an excellent western, but in a sense not really a western, more about a way of life in a particular setting and the restrictions that were placed on the men and women (particularly the women) who lived there.

This is Tommy Lee Jones second time as a feature film director and boy is he good behind a camera. He pulls of some impressive shots and is not afraid of showing himself in a less then flattering light. Swank and Jones bounce perfect off of each other, with Hilary Swank giving an amazing, top of her game performance.

This film stayed with me for awhile after. This is not a film to be watched and easily forgotten. 4/5



This is the story of John DuPont's destructive relationship with a pair of Olympic wrestling champions.

This film really showcased Steve Carell's true acting abilities. His portrayal of DuPont as this lonely, arrogant spoilt man child is chilling, but not scary, in fact you pity him almost. He takes this roll to the edge but never crosses over into ridiculousness.

Tatum (who in recent years has grown on me) plays Mark brilliantly as this vulnerable and sad younger brother just trying to escape his bigger,smarter more loved brothers shadow. You really feel his anguish. Ruffalo is also outstanding in his role as Dave.

The scene that stuck with me most was an early training session where Dave schools his younger brother and Mark is furious with it, and accidentally (but on purpose) headbutts him, but Dave being the true professional just wipes away the blood and carries on without saying a word. This just makes the defeat even worse for him. That scene carries so much power in it.

This film produces amazing performances from all it's leads. Clean convincing directing and tension that at times becomes too much to handle. 5/5


Got to meet some actors and actresses i honestly thought I'd never cross paths with like MEL GIBSON and RONDA ROUSEY WHAT!!! So shocked to have seen them at Cannes let alone spoken with them at the Carlton after hearing that they drove apc's! down the Croisette (a horrible, horrible road)

Gibson only briefly but he was nice. A lot more built then i remember but kinda awkward. And well i have not been a Rousey fan (as some of you know) but she was really nice, asked me why i was there. Where I'm staying. What i do. I admitted to being a huge mma fan (she looked iffy about mma being brought up) She was very pretty in person i will admit but also very timed, i think because of her surrounding company.


I was expecting to return home today but I'll be staying until the end of the festival (thankfully at a friends house, because fuck me my hotel room is basically a very nice prison cell at 885 quid a night!) so I'll follow this up with some more reviews and a couple of funny stories that transpired whilst in the company of the rich and famous.


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