A Realistic View of Rampage Jackson vs King Mo

As I just arrived home, I have plenty to say about tonight's main event. But before, I bitch and complain.. let me compliment fighters tonight.

Michael "Venom" Page was as good as I thought he was going to be. Rainey is a tough opponent with a good solid foundation, and MVP made him look like child's play. My view on fighters is how they act outside the ring, not how they act in it. Outside the ring, you need to conduct yourself in a respectful way because there is no risk outside of it. But in the ring, you can do backflips and flip the guy off if you want to take the risk, it won't bother me at all as long as you're fighting. Like it or not, MVP is confident in what he does and he backs it up tremendously, as he evolves his ground game.. he'll be even more interesting to watch in the future. After tonight I can say MVP is, without a doubt, one of my favorite fighters in MMA.

Alexander's fight was good due to his very technical and accurate combinations, and he finished it with a sub. Props.

I was so happy when Brooks got the decision. He deserved it after getting on Michaels back for most of the fight. He was a big underdog, and he pulled it off. That made me very happy.



That about sums it up for you. King Mo was terrified of those heavy hands of Rampage, but who wouldn't be? But, you don't have to be so frightened that your entire gameplan is jab, jab, shoot for takedown. Like seriously, King Mo shot more times than the city they were fighting in.

It was a boring fight. It had a couple of moments, but let me highlight why I think the decision is bullshit.

I felt as if King Mo won all 3 three rounds 10-9. Although the 2nd was the closest. The first round was Mo dominating Rampage with wrestling, he was literally GSP'ing his opponent but less ground and pound. Rampage was getting the better of the exchanges, but King Mo took him down anyways. Round 2 was very close cause Rampage started stuffing those takedowns and hitting King Mo. But once again, King Mo took him down for a little bit, then he rocked Rampage on his own. It was back and forth, but since King Mo utilized his wrestling effectively he got that round in my opinion. The 3rd round was a big ass snooze fest, but Rampage landed some nice shots. But once again, King Mo got the takedowns and controlled the majority of the round.

One thing I'd like to clear up.. being there, I thought Rampage rocked King Mo a lot, but after watching it again I realize King Mo was just changing levels when he got hit so it seems as if Rampage's punches were staggering him.

Now, the only thing I'd like to say is.. Rampage did more damage. But in this sport, it's not about damage. It's about stats. Johny Hendricks beat the living shit out of GSP, but GSP might of gotten the takedowns and control time. I don't know if Bellator has different rules or what, but tonight was a huge robbery. And a little bit of:


Trust me. Since I live close to Memphis, I wanted Rampage to win. But, after watching MMA for a while and understanding how the judging system works.. I think it was pretty clear that King Mo won.

But that's the problem. Sometimes judges go off damage, but then they go off stats. So I never know how to judge it fairly on my own. But for now, I'm sticking to stats. And King Mo controlled majority of that fight.

Think I'm an idiot? Good. Think I'm right? Even better. Comment and let me know your thoughts.

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