WMMA Weekend Recap: Rin Nakai decisions Sarah D'Alelio with 30-26 scores

via The Fight Nation

Rin Nakai decisions Sarah D'Alelio with 30-26 scores, Jennifer Maia and Jedrzejczyk return to action and Hannah Cifers shows off her hard hitting 105lbs right hand.

Rin Nakai def. Sarah D'Alelio via unanimous decision

Jennifer Maia def. Mariana Morais via 2nd round rear naked choke

Joanna Jedrzejczyk def. Karla Benitez via unanimous decision

Hannah Cifers def. Rachel Sazoff via 1st round TKO


Cifers vs Sazoff - Dead Serious MMA/XCC: Defiant - Atomweight

Let's start the recap off with a a rare female knockdown.

Hannah Cifers gained some fans stepping up on short notice to fight Heather Clark, but is back fighting fights that make more sense for her. She got her first pro victory making short work of Sazoff. You can watch a couple fan-cams of the fight here and here (different angles).

Nakai vs D'Alelio - Pancrase 258 - Bantamweight

Update: http://youtu.be/v7a_virOI1o?t=6m27s Rin Nakai vs. Sarah D'Alelio highlights... loving the production, Pancrase.

This is huge for Rin Nakai. She really needed this win to be seen as more than just a freak Japanese sideshow. D'Alelio was the #12 ranked bantamweight fighter and according to MMARising, "Nakai kept D’Alelio pinned down throughout the three-round fight and she threatened with numerous kimura attempts from top position" and "cruised to victory on the judges’ scorecards." 30-26 from all three judges.

With that victory, Nakai is the highest ranked fighter not with Invicta/UFC, and I'd pick her over most of the fighters not in the UFC. It would be ideal for Nakai to be placed on the main card of an upcoming UFC Japan card. Girls like Rakoczy and de Randamie (both ranked in the UFC's top 15) would be in tough matched with Nakai. The 135 division is so shallow that I would not be surprised to see Nakai crack the top 10, but the real hurdle is her management, who controls her career.

Nakai is now undefeated at 16-0-1 while D'Alelio is 1-4 in her last five and on a 3 fight losing streak.

Jedrzejczyk vs Benitez - Arena MMA 1 - Flyweight


This was a frustrating fight to watch. JJ sticking and moving, pot-shotting Benitez, who would take the damage, move a little forward and not throw anything. Moving forward she would follow, allowing JJ to circle back to the center of cage and again, very frustrating to watch. Strangely, Benitez raised both her hands at the end of the fight.

JJ did land a nice lead teep to the face twice. But, her strikes just weren't hurting Benitez, even when she threw punch/kick combinations. Maybe, Jedrzejczyk had some 'ring rust' issues seeing as how it had been nearly a year since she fought in MMA. The #9 ranked flyweight, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, keeps her undefeated record alive and moves to 5-0.

Maia vs. Morais - Circuito Talent de MMA - Flyweight

Not quite the full fight, but also more than just highlights.

This was Maia's first fight since her entertaining scrap with Leslie Smith for Invicta FC, which was almost a year ago. For the #4 ranked flyweight, Maia, it's nice just to see her return to action, even if it's against an untested 19 year old, Morais.

Many of the top flyweights (Frausto, Ould, Ansaroff, Jedrzejczyk) have given indication that they will be dropping to strawweight. There isn't much for Maia to do to advance her ranking other than bouts with Vanessa Porto or Barb Honchak. If Nina Ansaroff could drop down to 115, perhaps Maia can at least consider it. Every fighter should be considering 135 or 115. Just look at how 5 ft 2 Jessica Andrade is able to crack the UFC bantamweight top 10.

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