A Realistic View of Matt Brown vs Erick Silva

What a fight.

One of the most entertaining fights of the year, no doubt. It's a good look for Fox Sports. Plus, the highlight video looks pretty damn impressive, and it's the kind of stuff you wanna show a non-MMA fan to get them hooked.

But notice how I said entertaining, not best.

Sorry, but to me, one-sided ass whoopin's aren't shoo-in's for Fight of the Year. Honestly, to me, Neil Magny's fight was a better fight. (That'll start some riots, huh?) Besides the nonexistent wrestling displayed there, it was a back and forth bout that I enjoyed watching.

But let me say one thing. Silva had a very nice first few minutes, but everything from that point made Silva resemble this


I was rooting for the guy too. He had such a babyface that it really upset me seeing tons of blood covering it at the end.

Silva landed some nice body shots in the beginning that really messed Brown up.


He messed up Brown so bad that even his wife (I think) was upset


From this he proceeded to get his back, and not do anything with it. But needless to say, Brown recovered just fine because he's a warrior and proceeded to make Silva look like a sparring partner.

Lol-o_medium Lol-o_medium

Not to shit on Silva, but the dude looked more zombie than my girlfriend when she wakes up in the morning. Although I felt like Silva could of really capitalized on the injured body of Brown, I do not know what Silva was thinking. I doubt he was thinking. It's hard for us as fans to understand the actual situation. Sure, on our couch it looks quite simple to throw a kick to the body, but when you're getting the shit kicked out of you and you have to worry about defending further damage.. the game changes. So I don't blame Silva for not attacking the body in the later rounds, but it always leave the gaping hole in my heart of "what if".

Well that's about it folks. Comment and let me know what you think.

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