Patrick Cote on ‘Strange’ Hector Lombard call out: ‘I'm not even in the top 15 now’

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

UFC welterweight competitor Patrick Cote spoke with regarding the ‘strange’ call out from Hector Lombard and why the fight does not make any sense.

Patrick Cote appears to be just as surprised as fans were by Hector Lombard's call out last week.

The former Bellator middleweight champion picked up his biggest UFC win to date back at UFC 171 against Jake Shields and followed up by requesting match-ups against Nick Diaz, and in a more surprising twist, Patrick Cote.

Cote believes that Lombard, who ranked No. 6 in the welterweight division, made an illogical choice, considering the French-Canadian native is not even ranked in the Top 15 of the same division.

"That was a strange call from Hector, he's a super athlete, phenomenal fighter, very powerful, but at the same time I don't understand what he did," Cote told FOX Sports. "He tried to call out Nick Diaz and he wanted a top guy, and he's ranked No. 5 or No. 6 so it doesn't make any sense to call me out. I'm not even in the top 15 now in the welterweight division."

"The Predator" believes that, above all, the match-up does not make sense for the UFC, which is why he does not expect it to come to fruition.

"This fight's not going to happen. It doesn't make any sense for him, it doesn't make any sense for the UFC, and that was just strange."

Cote did also make it clear that if matchmaker Joe Silva ever approached him to fight Lombard, he wouldn't turn down the fight.

"I never backed down from any fight," Cote said. "If something happened, I'll go. I never say no to the UFC, and I have a good relationship with the UFC, but right now this is a nonsense fight for both of us, especially him. He's not having anything positive to fight me."

The 34-year-old former middleweight title challenger says he is in a "good position to have a big fight" but is also aware that he is "not close" to a title shot.

"I'm not stupid, I know that I'm not close now. Give me good fights, and in two or three fights then I'll be close."

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