TUF 20 Tryouts Media Round Up: Jessica Penne's triangle, Aisling Daly dominates and other behind-the-scenes action

Sixteen of the top 115 pound women in the world will fight to become the next 'Forrest Griffin', so to speak - Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Come watch video of Jessica Penne hitting a triangle during tryouts, and some other behind-the-scenes action from the TUF 20 tryouts, including photos and tweets.

By far the best and longest behind-the-scenes TUF 20 tryouts video I've seen. Here's a gif of Jessica Penne's triangle or skip to about 11:02

Highlights from the video (all TUF tryout hopefuls in bold)

  • 0:00 Dana (wearing a hat) gives his opening speech... "We know your record we know who you are...Don't grab legs. No leg locks... Relax. Don't get fucking crazy, ladies, and just have fun"
  • 0:25 The virtually identical Lybarger twins, Jillian and Jocelyn, interview. Jocelyn has the buck tooth and is wearing white. Fun fact: They're both lesbians AND they have another sister, who is in the entertainment business and goes by Dylan Ryder.
  • 2:15 And during the interview some footage of them grappling is shown. Jocelyn seems to be working for a triangle against Chelsea Bailey, and Jillian is rolling with Charlene Gellner (top).
  • 3:02 Miesha Tate drops by and again at about 12:30, the two girls on her team are Heather Jo Clark and Chelsea Bailey
  • 3:51 Bailey (in pink) takes Jocelyn Lybarger's back. They were the first two fighters to grapple.
  • 5:40 Miesha calls Bailey a "college national wrestling champion"
  • 6:22 Heather Jo Clark interview talks 'political reasons' for camp changes, rivalry with Felice Herrig (already in the cast), and breaking her arm in the 2nd round of the fight with Felice
  • 7:56 Angela Hill interview... She fought on April 26th to get her record to 1-0 just to qualify for the tryouts on April 28th! "...my striking's serious, and they're going to see how serious my ground game is too"
  • 9:58 Helen Harper interview "28 hour flight, it's a long ways to come for 2 minute grappling and 2 minutes pad work..."
  • 11:03 And again here's Jessica Penne rolling, there will be quite the outcry if she does not make it. Roxanne Modafferi is being interview while the Penne footage is playing
  • 11:20 I found this sequence pretty funny. Jenny Liou daps, drops, armbars, then mounts (you can slow down the Penne and Liou gifs here and here)
  • 11:27 Canada's own, Randa Markos attempts a triangle on Kathina Catron (?)
  • 11:33 Short clips of pad hitting, grappling

Jeremy Botter gets the lowdown on Aisling Daly (Dana put up a 100 dollar submission bounty after a few girls grappled)

Other articles and videos

Roxanne Modafferi was at the tryouts and did a full blog post

MMAJunkie shot a quick behind the scenes video

Jeremy Botter's was one of the few people to cover the tryouts

Women's MMA Round Up put together a pretty cool video of some photos in chronological order

Wombat Sports has interviews with most of the girls trying out, such as Lisa Ellis, Heather Jo Clark, Danielle Taylor, Aisling Daly and many more.

Dana and Joanne Calderwood talk... Pitch Perfect?

Girls night with Carla Esparza, Rose Namajunas and Felice Herrig

Carla and Felice even train inside the hotel!

Bec Hyatt

An Alex Chambers sighting

And the rest of the girls already casted, Tecia Torres and Emily Kagan

Ok, one more Felice, cause I know the hardcore WMMA fans need it

Jenny Liou is quickly become a favorite of mine (again, Dana was given out $100 per sub, if you were wondering)

Michelle Ould, semi-surprising TUF hopeful, perhaps foreshadowing more controversy?

Another TUF hopeful, Justine Kish, showing off her Russian-y spy side

Bunny ears featuring Miesha Tate, Roxanne Modafferi and Ricky Lundell

It appears Kish and Penne made a roadtrip out of the tryouts

Joanne Calderwood doing her MMA hour interview at the tryouts: "Sittin in the corner at the TUF tryouts talking to @arielhelwani I'm so excited and wanted to be on the mats #mmahour #arielhelwani #tuf20 #tuf20tryouts"

And here's Katie Winter aka KatGirl aka Bloody Elbow's resident stalker taking over with the rest of the Instagram posts

Carla Esparza as she touched down in Vegas : "Landed! Brought my own in flight snack, @OatmegaBar protein cookies omnomnom!! #TUF20 #UFC"

Tecia Torres got girly in Vegas: "A lil vegas shopping & sight seeing with the girls. "

Julie Kedzie, Michael Chiesa, Roxy Modafferi and Syndicate MMA representing: "At the TUF tryouts...I love these folks!! @mikemav22 @julesk_fighter @roxyfighter"

Roxy Modafferi and tryouts with Miesha Tate and Helen Harper: "At TUF 20 tryouts ! Sitting with Miesha and Helen Harper!"

Roxanne Modafferi, Miesha Tate and Ricky Lundell at tryouts: "At the The Ultimate Fighter 115lbs tryouts w/ two of my favorite people... MIESHA TATE & ROXY MODEAFFERI#ufc #tuf20 #mieshatate #roxymodafferi #bishopgormanwrestling #mma #bjj #wrestling #japan #gym #crossfit #love #instafit @mieshatate @roxyfighter"

Last, but not least MMAFighting/SBNation's own (Bloody Elbow is part of SB Nation, so technically she's also our own!) Esther Lin aka The Almond Thief aka We Use A LOT Of Her Photos.

Oh, and here's a close up of Dana White with a hat + media scrum

0:14 Confirms the removal of "one that didn't speak English", Juliana Lima, "one couldn't make the weight", Claudia Gadelha and "one was too young", Paige Van Zant.

0:22 They need 8 more girls and two alternates... Dana put an emphasis on wanting girls with experience, which is great news for MMA purists and veterans, such as Lisa Ellis, Jessica Penne and Aisling Daly that they won't be passed over for fighter "x" with a "great for TV personality"

1:00 Gadelha, Van Zant, Lima are signed with the UFC... hopefully they don't fight, at the earliest, on the prelims of whenever the champ is crowned. I'd just rather the UFC let them all get a fight in Invicta or whatever in the meantime.

2:40 Is Dana sold on the women? "I'm beyond sold. How far they've come in such a short amount of time. If you look back in women's boxing when it came out, you had a ton of girls that were just going there with absolutely no defence, throwing a bunch of haymakers and windmills. These girls [in MMA] are good. Very technical, very talented, and it's exciting."

3:54 Expect some new things. Different activities, different stuff in the house

4:34 September 10th, people. That's the premiere date of The Ultimate Fighter Season 20... I'm curious what they'll call it. I think they'd be underplaying the significance of this season if they just went with "Pettis vs. Melendez".

5:25 "You got to look at the two different weight classes that were doing. The 135 and the 115. They're far enough apart, where you won't have everybody jumping ship to go to another weight class." In short, no 145, 125 or 105 for the time being.

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