Attention UFC rankings panel: April is your chance to straighten yourself out

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

There are four UFC events in April, and I hope that select members of the UFC rankings panel use these shows to rectify some of the egregious errors on their ballot.

I'm not really the 'open letter' type, but I sincerely hope that every member of the UFC rankings panel gets the chance to read this. Because some of you suck at your craft. You really, really suck. I don't know if you're just not paying attention, or if you just don't care. But there are some mind-bogglingly stupid ballots out there, and you deserved to be ridiculed for your blatant lack of commitment to something you signed up for voluntarily.

To be clear, many members of the panel do a fine job and while I might not agree with every fighter in every spot, they're at least trying and there's a method to the conclusions they're drawing. I have the utmost respect for those people, and I thank you for helping to make me look like a little less of a fool. But these other people are dragging us down, man.

I'm not going to go into specifics and call any particular media member out. I don't feel like that really accomplishes as much as people think it might, and it's a little tacky for my tastes. Nor am I going to call out members of the panel that use weird systems and are all over their board with their wackiness. At least they're trying, even if it seems like there's a UFC dartboard in their basement that they're chucking red bull cans at to come up with their lists.

The target audience that this post is aimed at are the rankers that can't even take the time to realize what division a fighter is competing in. It's about the simplest thing in the sport to figure out, yet some of you can't seem to get this whole weight class thing through your heads. Here are a few examples:

Daniel Cormier - The former SF fighter has already competed once at 205 and is set to face Dan Henderson sometime in the next few months. He's not a heavyweight any more. Yet he's still ranked at number heavyweight.

Gegard Mousasi - Guys, he just fought Lyoto Machida at 185. He faces Mark Munoz at 185 next. He's not going back to 205. Yet he's still ranked at number 12 there. 12! Machida himself JUST dropped off the 205 list recently, and he's about to fight for the 185-pound title!

Erik Koch - I think you can see the running theme here. Already fought at 155, is about to again...and is still at # 15 at featherweight.

If you can't even figure out that these guys need to be dropped from the rankings in a DIVISION THEY DON'T EVEN FIGHT IN ANY MORE, then there's no need for me to criticize you for having Mike Easton ahead of Takeya Mizugaki at bantamweight, or Shogun Rua ahead of Chael Sonnen at light heavyweight. I'll start with the really simple stuff and make my way up to things like that sort of tomfoolery.

Baby steps.

So, panelists - April is the month to fix your stuff. There are four events this month featuring 30 ranked fighters. You have four chances to actually look at your rankings for a few seconds and decide to take the plunge. You can do it! Only ranking fighters in their relevant weight class will make you feel good! It's the right thing to do! The tasty way to do it!

Get to work.

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