Diego Sanchez cage side at Legacy FC

Ari LeVaux was at Legacy Fights on April 5 and caught UFC star Diego Sanchez giving cageside commentary during the Enrique Briones ("Henry!!") vs Adrian Cruz and Donald Sanchez vs Flavio Alvaro bouts.

Difficulties with the player? Watch it on YouTube.

The following is from BE's Albuquerque correspondent and camerman Ari LeVaux:

As I took in the Legacy FC fight card last Friday, headlined by Holly Holm vs Juliana Werner, I found my view suddenly obstructed by a guy with a mohawk screaming himself hoarse.

"Henry use the elbow! Use your elbows Henry! Elbows!"

"Diego Sanchez is in the house," observed my neighbor in the press-row overflow area at the back of the VIP stage, which overlooked the cage.

Some knowing looks and grins were exchanged among veterans of Albuquerque fight cards, because we knew that the dynamic of the show had just changed. Ready for battle as always, the beloved local warrior would proceed to live vicariously through brothers-in-arms that were doing the actual fighting. But make no mistake, Diego was in that cage, heart and soul, as he is whenever he attends a fight card in Albuquerque.

"Don't stop Henry! Make the ref pull you off Henry! Right there! Go Henry! For MEXICO HENRY!"

I shot this video of Diego spectating so outsiders can be exposed to a regular element of the Albuquerque fight scene: the sound and site of Diego Sanchez.

The fight between Adrian Cruz and Enrique Briones (the "Henry!!" of Diego's incantations) ended in a draw, despite a late surge by Henry that saw the fight nearly stopped. After a handshake with Holly Holm's agent Lenny Fresquez, Sanchez found a better perch at the edge of the stage, behind the broadcast team of Pat Militech and Michael Schiavello (and, temporarily, Jon Jones) for the fight between Flavio Alvaro and his teammate Donald Sanchez. I tagged along.
Donald Sanchez went on to lose a decision in what was-with the exception of Holm's victory-a disappointing night for the Jackson-Winkeljohn team; top local prospects Nick Urso and Clint Roberts also lost.

Having left it all-certainly some spittle-in the cage, as usual, Sanchez made his way through the arena. He posed for a photo with every fan who wanted one, before disappearing into the casino to "get some food."

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