Game of Thrones & MMA; who's watching & how are they celebrating the season opener?

Find out which MMA personalities watch the HBO hit TV show, Game of Thrones, and what they'll be doing to celebrate the season opener tonight.

George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice & Fire is an epic set of books that's being retold via the collective genius of HBO. The show is called Game of Thrones, and it chronicles the books in amazing fashion, staying pretty accurate to them. The success of the show has been stellar, and the season openers have inspired viewing parties, rustic feasts and costume rituals among fans.

I figured I would find out who in the MMA community actually watches the show, and what they'll be eating to celebrate the season opener. I hit up some of my MMA pals via text to find out what they're doing tonight and was surprised to find that many of them don't watch the show. Those that do watch had some fun replies though. Tim Kennedy even included some pictures with his response.

The Text I sent out:

Hey there. I'm doing a fun feature today about Game Of Thrones & MMA personalities/fighters. Basically, I want to know if you'll be watching the season premiere, and if you'll be celebrating with a special meal or having/attending a viewing party.

The Watchers

Nate Quarry:

Watching the marathon right now Looking forward to the new season and which character I should keep hating or if they've turned over a new leaf.

Charlie Brenneman:

Good stuff. Im actually caught in a dilemma. im debating whether to watch week to week or save them all on dvr n hav a marathon at the end. At the end of each episode i get all frustrated that it ended.

But since spoilers will be everywhere i'll probably watch weekly. Fight in 3 weeks, no special meals. Ask me april 27.

Pat Healy:

Yeah I'll be watching. Nothing special for it but I am such a fan I named my new puppy Khaleesi because her fur is super blonde and I hope she's a bad ass like her on the show!

Stephen Quadros:

I'll be watching FOR SURE! But, at present, I don't have any special plans. Just reading a script, listening to Andres Segovia, going to the gym, etc.

Mike Chiesa:

I'm celebrating the new season by jousting Sam Sicilia while we ride mini horses. True Story.

Tim Kennedy:

Yes I will watching. I will be having a special meal similar to that of the Rangers when they go north of the wall. (I am cutting weight for my fight in one and a half weeks, so I am not eating anything at all/starving) After the episode I will go to bed with wonderful visions floating through my head of white walkers walking through my dreams.

I am fairly certain that I am one of the descendants of "the hound". My wife and I have also agreed that we will be naming our first male offspring John Snow (hyphenated, even though he's a bastard son).

If I wasn't in fight camp, and home in Austin, I would be sitting on my couch holding my double edged broadsword while drinking some ale to accompany my mutton, and turkey leg.

I also have a pet dire wolf named Jude.

Tim even sent pics with his:




The Non-watchers

Tyron Woodley:

What channel?

(Me) HBO

Dang don't have HBO.

Eddie Bravo:

Never seen not one episode.

Jimmy Smith:

Lol!! I hardly ever watch TV.

Urijah Faber:

Im not, don't watch much TV. Heard its good though.

Cung Le:

I'm not. Catching most stuff on on demand because I have kids.

Duane Ludwig:

No sorry I don't watch the show.

Anthony Johnson:

Um no I won't loI I never watch that.

Daniel Cormier:

I have never seen it.

Ben Askren:

Nope never watched.

Josh Thomson:

I don't watch TV.

Brian Rogers:

I appreciate it but I've never seen a full episode or got into it.

Jeff Aronson (Owner, Titan FC):

I'm not I'm in Costa Rica.

So there you have it. The non-watchers far outweigh the watchers. I was surprised to find out how many fighters just don't watch TV. Training and children are the factors that consume their time, but that's as it should be. This list will give you a good idea of who to tweet spoilers back and forth with, though. Happy Game of Thrones Day!

UPDATE: Few more guys texted back, so I'm adding in their texts.

Matt Serra:

Love GoT's!!! Read all 5 books I'm obsessed haha!

Louis Gaudinot:

I'll be watching, no party but I'm excited to see some dragons!

Mike Dolce:

Hey! I'm making my famous "Grass-fed Bison Burgers" and "Sweet Potato Fries" at Thiago Alves' house, who is two weeks out from UFC: Orlando. Not bad "weight cutting" food, eh?!

Josh Samman:

I'll be watching tonight.

Ray Sefo:

I just got back from Tokyo and I'm dead tired so no I won't be watching.

Ian McCall:

I love the show but I haven't watched it forever.

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