Fedor Emelianenko talks about raising children and what happened with brother Alex

Esther Lin

The MMA legend spoke to Combat Bear about his personal beliefs and child-rearing philosophy.

Fedor Emelianenko retired from MMA in 2012 but he remains a figure of considerable fascination to fight fans. He spoke to Combat Bear about his personal philosophy of child-rearing:

Combat Bear: Has there been some differences between the way your parents raised you and your brother Aleksander.

Fedor Emelianenko: Well, of course my parents raised me, it's necessary for all parents to do. The biggest problem now in our country is that we spend too little time on our children. Some parents spend most of their time being busy on the phone, with the computer or watching TV rather than giving their children attention. Todays' parents don't raise their children the right way.

I've been raised, but not in a religious way. My family is christian orthodox, but we never went to church. But we lived by the general principles, what is good and what is bad, always explained me, always taught me to respect old people. During those times even schools taught us to help the younger, to respect and help the elder. Some kind of hierarchy. In all books, in all stories they told us to do good and the bad was always condemned. So the understandment of good and evil was clear, not like today. Today evil is represented as good and the other way. So it's necessary to teach children, to show them the right way. First of all you have to set good examples. If you will not live the right way, your kids will not either.

Obviously my life I didn't create by myself. My parents gave me a choise. When it comes to my profession, of course it was my choise. My way of life, was my choise. But naturally my parents sometimes gave me advice. My sport I chose myself when I was eleven years old. And it was my decision to make a living out of the sport.

When it comes to raise a man, I mean boy, you must explain him from he is young that there is a family he is responbile for and motherland he is resonsible to defend. The values he needs to learn from when he is little. A man must not see the army as something he needs to avoid. So when the motherland calls, he responds; 'Here I am to serve and defend my motherland'.

When it comes to my brother Aleksander, how can I say, my parents had a difficult time. My parents divorced and Aleksander entered a difficult period. He's been raised by the streets and surroundings.

Alexander Emelianenko is currently being sought by Russian authorities.

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