Got 2nd in Advanced lightweight

Hey guys, it's Griffin. I'm back to share my journey competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I competed in Advanced lightweight yesterday getting 2nd place and also competed in advanced absolute for the first time. Typically I cut a few pounds to get to featherweight but since I was already competing in absolute I didn't see the point. I ending up 2-2, getting a darce and armbar and losing to a heel hook and an armbar. I learned a lot from this tournament. I have so much to improve on. Specifically my leglocks, heel hook defense, dealing with a standing opponent and my cardio.

This was my first match of the day in Advanced lightweight. I was surprised by how strong this guy was. He shutdown my butterfly guard but ended up giving up position, I knee sliced through his half guard and as he pummled for the underhook, I overhooked and locked up a darce choke.

Here's my 2nd match against Sam David, a 10th Planet purple belt. I ended up with knee on belly, he transitioned to a heel hook and I tapped. I might have tapped a little early but I'm very weary of leg locks and I was ln't prepared for that transition. One second I had a good position, the next it was over. Oh well, I need to work on my leg lock defense anyway. :)

Here's my 3rd match. I rarely play rubber guard on my right side but since I ended up with the right overhook, I went for it. I went for a gogoplata which he defended, then I transitioned to the omoplata and then into the triangle. He tried to posture out but left his arm vulnerable.

This was my match in Advanced absolute against Si Doan, an alliance purple belt. I had a lot of trouble keeping up with guy. It took a lot of energy just to defend his guard passes. Eventually he passed, went knee on belly and hit and triangle arm bar on me. I learned a lot from this match and had a really good time competing against him.

Competing in advanced is an awesome challenge. I love being reminded of just how much more there is to improve on. I'm competing again next month so I'll make another post afterwards. As always, thank you so much for you time and any criticism or advice is very welcome. I'm honored to be a part of the BE community.

Thanks guys,


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