A REALISTIC View of Jon Jones vs Glover Teixeira

(Title changed due to a valid point)

Not that anyone will actually give a shit, but I'm gonna do a logical review of every main event I can from now on.
So, lets get to it.

First off, Why the hell would Joe Rogan or Dana White say, "Yeah Glover isn't really good, but he's won a lot of fights in minor leagues so we're letting him fight Jones". Marketing is a hell of a thing, isn't it?

Texybaby is not a legit threat to someone like Jon Jones. He has/had a punchers chance, and that's pretty much it. Not to discredit how good Glover is, but Jones comes from crazy angles and is fast. He's a different kind of fighter.

Jones domination of Glover was not surprising nor did I even expect Glover to win a little bit. But here's why I have a problem with Jon "Bones" Jones.

The way I gauge fighters is not how they act in the octagon, but it's how they act outside it. In this case, Jones makes me mad with some of his comments. But it'd be silly to downplay how good he is.

Jones fought dirty tonight. Not dirty enough to get DQ'd, but dirty enough for me to cringe sometimes. I'm not saying Glover would of won had Jones fought a little more clean, but there's so many what if's in sports that it's pointless to say anything like that.

I know that will upset most of you Jones fans, but let me just give a logical explanation as to why he fought a little on the Ric Flair side tonight.

Shoulder wrenching - I've seen so many comments about people saying it's not dirty and it's okay. Wrong. It is dirty. BUT is it legal? Yes. The problem with it is, it's like a fighter getting a submission and immediately breaking a limb. There's a "honor code" so to speak to apply pressure and force the tap out. Every kimura that has ever been locked in, that arm could be DESTROYED if they jerked it when they locked it in. The fighter would still get the win, but the other fighter would be out for a while. Jones got Glover in the clinch, isolated his power arm and didn't work for a good submission, but instead quickly jerked his arm very hard to apply as much damage to reduce punching power or end the fight. Smart? Yes. But so is kicking someone in the balls in a street fight. It's not very respectable. Anyone who argues that this is the same as a armbar or such, is absolutely ridiculous. An armbar is the result of working for a submission, getting it, and applying pressure. Vitor could of snapped Jones arm if reared back as hard as he could. But, like I said before, you just don't do that. It's not illegal, and it's okay to do, but it's a dick thing to do.

Eyepoking - Accidental eyepokes are okay. But eyepokes are a repeating habit for the Bones man. Holding your arm out like this:


is NOT cool, Carlito. Open handed distance gauging is very dirty, due to the fact those "accidental eyepokes" happen a lot more frequently. If an opponent had a tactic for upper thigh inside leg kicks, but had a lot of "accidental nutshots", people would think they should change up those kicks. Jones could even hold his fingers together, and do that, but no, he opens his fingers and people say it's an accidental eyepoke. His opponents are scared of getting eyepoked. But the ref saying "JON YOU BETTER NOT DO THAT AGAIN!" (Jone pokes him a second time) "IM SERIOUS JON STOP!" isn't solving anything. Jones needs to fix that because it is a dirty tactic instilling fear for a move that isn't even legal. Who knows? Glover might of gotten some better placed shots if he didn't have to worry about those opened fingers. Not saying he would of, but maybe.

Teixeira hurt Jones twice, once where Jones even covered and laid against the cage. I think the shoulder wrenching really did the trick because Teixeira was not engaging and going for the kill like he usually goes. It worried me a bit.

Watching Jones fight is sad sometimes. Not because he's just so much better than his opponents but because it looks unfair. Think of any dominant champion; Anderson Silva, GSP? When you went out there to watch them fight, you never once thought "He's just so much bigger, oh my god this is sad", the only thing you ever thought was "Oh my god, they're so much better". Jones LITERALLY placed his hand on Glovers forehead 65 percent of the fight. The reach was so ridiculous that I almost felt bad for Glover. The fact remains, you don't have to be better than your opponents by much to beat them if you have physical gifts like that. The only man to ever test him is the same man who is as long and tall as him. Go figure.

So when I see people say he's the best fighter? I don't agree with that. But is he the best UFC fighter? Most certainly. Jones can exploit the rules very effectively, and use his gifts very well.

THAT BEING SAID, Jones had an excellent display here tonight. But it wasn't like he dominated the best. And it wasn't like he did it cleanly either. But congrats on the W, and I can't wait to watch you fight again.

Adios. Comment and tell me what you think. I'm happy to debate rational points.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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