Gray Maynard jokes about a three-month stint as a ‘professional raver,’ eyes July return to the octagon

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

After five months away from the octagon, former lightweight title challenger Gray Maynard discusses his interest in returning to the UFC in July.

"The Bully" has found some interesting ways to spend his time away from the octagon.

The former two-time UFC lightweight title contender has been absent from professional competition since his last unfortunate outing, where he was knocked out by Nate Diaz in the opening round. That match-up took place on November 30, which makes it five months since Maynard's last bout.

So how has Maynard chosen to spend his time away from the cage? Firstly, he journeyed to Ibiza, where he enjoyed a three-month stint as a "professional raver."

"I just got back from Ibiza," Maynard told "I've been clubbing it up for the last three months. The day after my bout with Nate Diaz I just flew out to Ibiza, took a bunch of drugs and forgot about how I fought. I became a professional raver."

While that statement was clearly meant in good humour, it did little to hide the desperation of Maynard's current professional situation.

The TKO loss to Diaz is not the only recent one on Maynard's record, as he suffered an earlier knockout to T.J. Grant back at UFC 160.  After going undefeated in MMA for over five years, Maynard has now been knocked out in three of his last four fights, with Clay Guida being his only victory since 2010.

Due to pressure from his bosses, and out of concern for his physical and mental health, Maynard visited a doctor following the Diaz loss to ensure that he had not suffered any brain damage.

"After the Nate bout, I took some time off and I did some testing on my head, obviously, just to check that everything was alright," he says. "To be honest, the day after and even a couple of days after, I didn't have headaches, I wasn't hurting. Just a couple of scrapes. But then people who were close to me, Dana [White], the Fertittas, they wanted me to get checked out."

Now cleared to return to the octagon, Maynard expects to fight again in July, and hopes he is able to erase the memory of "the worst year" of his life.

"2013 was the worst year of my life. Just a crazy year, so it was good to get it done with and start a new year."

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