Sticking up for Cyborg


Cristiane Justino, more commonly known as Cris Cyborg is one of the more polarizing fighters in MMA. Arguably the best women's fighter in the sport, she had long been suspected of using performance enhancing drugs due to her incredible physique and aggressive fighting style.

It came as no surprise to the majority of fans when she finally did end up testing positive for the banned substance stanozolol following her 16 second destruction of Hiroko Yamanaka, which resulted in a $2.000 dollar fine and a year long suspension from the sport.

Following her suspension for performance enhancing drugs she signed with Invicta FC, and went on to win the promotions championship at 145 lbs with victories over Fiona Muxlow & Marloes Coenen, passing every test she has received in the process.

The stigma of PED's is one of the more taboo practices in all of professional sports, fail a test, and it stays with you for the rest of your career as a professional fighter and athlete.

As a human being, you reap what you sow. I'm not here to defend Cyborg against those who criticize her for her prior drug use. I'm also not here to tell people that it's wrong to be suspicious of her, she did after all fail a test for an illegal substance previously before.

What I am here to tell you is that she's a human being and a woman, deserving of respect like everyone else. She's not the punchline to a joke, or someone to be humiliated time and time again by her fellow fighters.

Dana White in one of his lowest moves to date, recently compared her to male fighter Wanderlei Silva during his latest media scrum for UFC 172.

"I said, when I saw [Justino] at the MMA Awards, she looked like Wanderlei Silva in a dress and heels. And she did, did she not? Who wants to dispute that she didn't look like Wanderlei?

"She was walking up the stairs, jacked up on steroids beyond belief and looked like Wanderlei Silva in a dress and heels."

This is the president of the UFC, a promoter, comparing a female fighter, a women to a man.

Worse than Dana's ridiculous comments is the fact that no one stuck up for her. No one had the courage to tell him that he was crossing the line by saying something so foolish you would expect to hear it from the mouth of a middle school student, not the face of the promotion.

In a long list of foolish things to come out of the mouth of Dana White, this was by far the most foolish. It was hurtful, below the belt, and just plain wrong of him to say. Regardless of what you may think of Cyborg as a fighter, she is at least deserving of common decency as a fellow human being. Shame on anyone who believes otherwise.

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