Jon Jones reluctant to give straight answer on relationship with Dana White

Steve Snowden

Jon Jones, visibly tired, refuses to truthfully comment on his relationship with Dana White.

What appeared to be sometime in the morning, Ariel Helwani of MMAFighting pressed a visibly tired Jon Jones on a series of Dana White-related questions. Reluctant to say anything overly negative, Jones, however, also refused to say anything positive or to make it seem like they were on anything, but the best of terms.

How can Dana White say Renan Barao is higher on the P4P list than Jon Jones... says body of work is better than Jones'

I can't argue... I can't argue with what Dana says. Ultimately, Dana's not a fighter. He's a promoter. I can't always speak for his logic when he says certain things. His word really doesn't change anything. Here's our boss and everything, but he's no sensei.

'Are you one of Dana's guys?'... Does he promote a fighter like Ronda Rousey the way he promotes Jon Jones?

It's hard to say, it's hard to say. But, at the end of the day all I got to do is win fights and hope for the best. I would like to have a great relationship with him.

Ariel stopped Jones and asked 'feel the love?'

I don't really want to comment on it too much. I think the fans and it's apparent where I rank with him. I'll just say I'll never be Chuck Liddell. At the same time, it's whatever, it's all cool, as long we respect each other and I do the best I can do for the company, everything will be cool.

Ariel also said 'you can be honest' after 'feel the love?' to which Jones motioned with his body language "not really" before speaking.

Jones, as does every other dominant champion, has the chance to transcend the sport by talking honestly about the many UFC issues (fighter pay, Dana's professionalism, etc). But, a huge majority of fighters (and people in general) are content with simply be able to provide for the families and themselves. The job security/guaranteed money just isn't there compared to an NHL/NBA star, who just signed a 10 year/80 million dollar contract. You risk being able to take care of your family/yourself.

Georges St. Pierre, as of today, is the most likely to take this role, but that has a small chance of happening, and his 'choppy' English doesn't help either. When that transcendent fighter comes along, though, and that could be anywhere from 5-50 years away, it will be quite the moment.

For now, you can watch Jon Jones look to defend against Glover Texeira at UFC 172, so he can fight in the highly anticipated rematch with Alexander Gustafsson.

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