Chuck Liddell vs Jon Jones

Chuck recently said he thinks he would knock Jones out in his prime. It was treated as an absurd opinion by some.

The current MMA landscape frowns upon anyone who thinks anyone besides the heavyweight champion could do it. Understandable. But we did see him in a tough fight last time out, and it's not like no one saw it coming. Still, some have to see him actually lose before they will really believe it is possible.

If he somehow makes it out of his next 3 fights with the belt, he goes down as the legit GOAT.

Here are the most significant reasons why Chuck has every reason to think he could or would do it:

1. Chuck wasn't easy to take down. JJ won't be completing all of those attempts.

2. He has a significant edge in footwork.

3. His best weapon just happens to fit perfectly into Jones' biggest defensive hole. Connor has gone into JJ's bad defensive habits when it comes to striking. To put it simply, he is wide open for straight rights. Can't miss. He doesn't move his head and pulls straight back. THEE no-no in boxing. Early amateur stuff, really.

It may even cost him this Saturday night even though he isn't facing a rangy fighter, because Glover comes forward, and if he follows Jones back, as he does, it could be lights out. Very real possibility. Nothing overly technical about it.

His defense, especially for straight punches is simply not good. It's his most glaring weakness. The puncher's chance becomes much larger. The reality is that the boxing aspect of Jones' MMA game has not evolved like all of the other parts. No surprise.

4. More powerful striker.

Do those who think Jones would smash Liddell every time also think Gus is way better than Chuck at striking? I don't see that.

I know this will rile people up because right now Jon is the next "not human" thing in fighting (that has never been the case and never will be), so let me be clear: I'm NOT saying Chuck wins every time or anything like that. Jones is a monster on the ground and is well-rounded. If they fought 10 times, maybe JJ would have the advantage. But they don't fight 10 times. They fight once or twice. And Chuck could cash in.

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