Cooking With Fighters: Luke Rockhold shares secret to a perfect filet mignon

Anton Tabuena

UFC middleweight contender, Luke Rockhold shares the recipe for his routine"steak night" with filet mignon to kick off this new Bloody Elbow series, Cooking With Fighters.

This post will mark the beginning of my new feature series, Cooking With Fighters. The idea was originally gifted to me from my Bloody Elbow colleague and pal, Coach Mike Riordan (a downright amazing human). I must also give many thanks to my other awesome colleague and pal, Anton Tabuena for once again hooking me up with the best feature graphics in the business.

The concept is fairly simple. The interview subject gives a recipe with ingredients, instructions and origin of why it's something they like to prepare. Maybe it is something they've perfected through trial and error or maybe it's a family recipe passed down through relatives. With the explosion of Instagram and fighters posting their foodie photos along with the fan interest in them, it seems like a topic our readers would enjoy.

The first fighter in the debut of this series is Luke Rockhold. Luke eats very clean for the most part, and is careful with everything he puts in his temple. Bearing that in mind, he often cooks his own meals and has done an excellent job at keeping himself in tip-top shape.

The recipe he's chosen to share is not one of any great familial significance. It comes from his love of beef and the need to put quality, healthy food on his plate. The dish is his favorite and it has become his Thursday night ritual. Whether he is in a training camp or not, this is standard fare every Thursday night at Chez Rockhold.

Image courtesy of Luke Rockhold

Filet mignon with golden sweet potatoes and seasoned kale saute

Filet mignon (grass fed)
chopped garlic
sea salt
cracked black pepper
gorgonzola crumbles

golden sweet potatoes

red pepper slices

My favorite is steak night. I love steak night. I always do filet; filet Thursdays. I sometimes eat steak twice a week, but Thursday night is my scheduled steak night. Lately, I've been cooking for my brother and his wife, so they'll come over and I'll do the filets with a spicy dry rub. Before I start, I crisp up some chopped garlic in a pan, that's my little trade secret [laughs], and I use some cracked pepper and sea salt with it.

I cook it medium rare in a cast iron skillet, old school style. That's the only way to go in my opinion. I also don't cook with oil, I use ghee. It has a really high smoke point and doesn't go rancid. I finish it off with a little gorgonzola cheese crumbled on top and some regular butter.

On the side, I'll have some golden sweet potatoes, roasted with some honey and cinnamon on them. Finally, I saute some kale with some pesto, onions and finish it with avocado. That is my favorite meal.

You can follow Luke via his Twitter account, @LukeRockhold

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