Titan FC partners with A HERO Foundation, CEO Jeff Aronson says the promotion wants to ‘do the right thing’

CEO Jeff Aronson discusses the new partnership between Titan FC and wounded veteran's foundation A HERO.

Titan FC and America's HERO (Heroes Enjoying Recreational Outdoors) Foundation have developed a new partnership that aims to support and benefit the wounded veterans of the U.S Armed Forces.

The non-profit organization was started by Captain Lee Stuckey to help veterans struggling with psychological issues that developed due to their involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  The organization mostly sets up recreational event outdoors such as fishing and hunting in an effort to encourage constructive activity and to boost morale. It is also used as a method to build a network of veterans from around the United States.

The partnership between Titan FC and A HERO Foundation will begin with Titan FC 28 and will continue indefinitely. Titan FC and A HERO Foundation will bring wounded veterans to Titan FC 28 and offer them a VIP experience that includes all access passes, cage side seating and signed gear.

Bloodyelbow.com spoke with Titan FC CEO Jeff Aronson regarding the new partnership, where he discussed how the deal came into existence.

"Lex McMahon, who is one of my partners at Alchemist Management, sits on the board of A HERO, and almost all my Alchemist fighters, from Rory MacDonald, Liz Carmouche, Brendan Schaub, Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson, Jimi Manuwa and Costa Philipou, have supported A HERO. A lot of our fighters are ex-military, so I thought it was a great way to give back. Lex is incredibly passionate about the cause and I feel the same way.

Some of these guys are missing limbs and eyes. It is terrible, but they have the best attitude and are just thrilled that they were able to make a difference. If you can't feel that kind of compassion and you don't want to help somebody in that kind of state, then there is something wrong."

Apart from the VIP experience that will be offered to wounded veterans at Titan FC events, the A HERO Foundation logo will be on the canvas and in a featured segment during the broadcast, which is Aronson's way of giving the organization some much needed publicity.

"I think it comes to a certain point where you want t do the right thing. Everything is not about a moneymaking endeavor. Sometimes it is about doing the right thing. You have all these young men and women who go out there and literally risk their lives for our safety. The least I can do is try and repay them by giving them publicity and putting them inside our cage, and really trying to support the organization.

"I really think it is something that should be done a lot more in our sport.  We are in the public eye and are reaching that demographic. There is no reason in the world why more of us shouldn't be involved."

Titan FC 28 will take place on Friday, May 16th from the First Council Casino Hotel in Newkirk, OK.

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