Kicks/Knees to a Downed Opponent

You guys do not have to agree with me.

Nor do I expect most of you to.

But I always wondered why leg/knee strikes to a downed opponent were illegal in UFC, but elbows are perfectly fine.

No I do not think stomps should be legal, but a knee to a opponents head if you're in side control, or a kick to the face when you stuff a takedown should be legal. Fighters manipulate these rules, (Jones crawling at the beginning of his fights, Rampage kneeling in the clinch). The reason I think it's ridiculous that elbows are legal and kicks aren't is simply because.. elbows cause more damage.

Yes, a knee to the head on the ground will TKO/KO an opponent quicker, but it doesn't have longer lasting damage. Elbows are messy. They open up cuts, rarely ever end fights, and result in huge injuries.

Basically, your elbows hardly ever end fights, they're messy, and can stop a fight via doctor stoppage (and we all hate that). Whereas ground kicks/knees end fight in TKO/KO, and are much more clean and cause damage for that night.

But if you allowed knees/kicks to a downed opponent, you open up possibilities for better TDD and careful ground games. You also can let people be punished for attempting takedowns, so they won't just keep trying knowing they're okay.

Why do you think the athletic commissions and UFC don't allow this? Don't give me the stupid arguments of "KNEES HURT MORE", because of course they do. But hardly any fighters in PRIDE had lasting concussions, and such. They were out that night, and ready to fight a couple of weeks later. A fighter has just as much of a chance from getting a concussion from a dropping hammerfist that bounces there head off the mat, as they do from a knee to the head on the ground.

This seems ridiculous to me. Care to give me your thoughts?

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