WMMA Recap March Week 4: Cris Cyborg loses in an all-out war

Lion Fight

Recapping the fourth week of March that had some excellent WMMA action.

145lbs (Muay Thai): Jorina Baars def. Cris Cyborg via unanimous decision

**Must Watch** Stop what your doing, sit back and press play

I already wrote about this here with video and gifs, but will give some observations.

  • Firstly, Jorina Baars is 35-0-3 in Muay Thai. That's 35 wins, 3 draws and no losses. Cyborg is the #1 fighter at 145 (and at the least #2 P4P), and this fight only elevated her status as a truly world class fighter, setting herself apart from the rest of the featherweight division even more.
  • I reckon Cyborg didn't have a tall, lanky female Muay Thai world champion to spar with during camp
  • Baars fought like a big fighter is suppose to. Using her jab, front/push kick and knee to kept Cyborg honest through out the fight. Long linear strikes (jab, push kick) and the right knee when Cyborg lead with a overhand right, which would lower her head. Yet, Cyborg showed she was able to adapt and slow things down a little, taking the last two rounds (excluding the 'knockdown' in round 5)
  • Even against an undefeated Muay Thai legend, her pressure, swarming boxing overwhelmed Baars at times, especially from rounds 3-5 (some calling for a Baars knockdown ruling)
  • It's idiotic that two championship, elite level fighters like Baars and Cyborg were only given 15 minutes in a title fight no less. Can you imagine any top boxer fighting a 5 round fight?
  • Baars hadn't fought in three years. I'm one of the believers 'ring rust' does not exist. It's all a matter of how you train in between and injuries.
  • Huge respect to Cyborg. This girl really loves to fight, and both girls have granite jaws. However, Baars was flopping around and turning her back to Cyborg way more than I liked. Some less-than-stellar refereeing from Tony Weeks.
  • *
    105lbs: Gina Iniong def. Mei Yamaguchi via split decision
    • Iniong showed a nice quickness and athleticism in this fight. It got her out of Yamaguchi's mount and back mount. It wasn't a shrimp to half guard, get guard, and push off to stand. It was an all-in explosion to get out that worked (reminded me of Guillard vs. Miller, except Guillard got submitted shortly after)
    • Yamaguchi is experienced, and can follow a game plan. Iniong was getting the better of Yamaguchi the few times they were at striking range, but Yamaguchi refused to brawl and went for takedowns and clinching.
    • I liked Iniong's judo and crisp striking, but Yamaguchi was able to take advantage when the fight was in her guard or she was on top and was able to keep Iniong on the cage to work for the takedown.
    • At 21 (in Nov 2013) Iniong is an intriguing prospect, if she can make 105. She came in at 107, and PXC decided to make it a catchweight. Yamaguchi was small, even at 105, compared to Iniong.
    • Decision came down to how you score submission attempts. Round 1 the most significant action was a near armbar from Yamaguchi. One judge ridiculously scored it 30-27 for Iniong. This fight was very similar to Aguilar's win over Fujii, where Fujii also had a close armbar in the first. Even Iniong thought the armbar was deep.
    • This was Yamaguchi's first fight at atomweight, and Iniong impressed against her toughest opponent to date by far. Think Rory MacDonald going from Mike Guymon to Carlos Condit.
    MMA Super Heroes 3: It was very fun night of fights. A rare card with 5 female fights, that saw a good mix of takedowns, knockouts, submissions and back-and-forth action.

    115lbs: Kalindra Faria def. Laura Balin via 2nd round submission

    Kalindra Faria is not a prospect. She should be getting tested by better fighters than this. She is now riding a 10-fight winning streak (6 finishes in her last 7). Her last loss dates back to #3 Vanessa Porto in 2011. The stand up portion was quite even, but Faria showed her dominance with a superior ground game. Dynamically passing (using strikes while passing) Balin's guard and in the 2nd round took her back and was able to sink in the RNC.
    115lbs: Herica Tiburcio def. Aline Sattelmayer via unanimous decision

    Tiburcio, the new Invicta signee, took virtually no damage in this fight. She was always working for a takedown, and when she got them, she was working to pass or land strikes. Can't wait to see how she does against smaller girls at atomweight. Most memorable was Tiburcio's 1-2,1-2 flurries into a takedown attempt in the first.
    115lbs: Renata Baldan def. Michele Angelo via 1st round TKO to become the SW GP Champion

    Baldan crushed Angelo in a sloppy, but action packed fight. Chasing her down with right hands testing her chin. Angelo was wobbled and all she could do was cover up as Baldan grabbed the Muay Thai clinch and threw half a dozen knees prompting a surprising, but excellent stoppage from the referee. Baldan starts her career off 2-0.

    This was a one night grandprix and earlier in the night Baldan fought in another exciting brawl taking out Bruna Matos via unanimous decision. Angelo managed a rare 'lights off' knockout on Roberta Gomes in round 2 with a well placed left hook that sent Gomes face down.
    125lbs: #3 Vanessa Porto def. Ana Maria via unanimous
    The highest ranked fighter (in an MMA fight) had the most lackluster fight of the night. Porto fought Maria once with kicks to a downed opponent allowed. I showed this in the preview, but it's worth watching again. Two-footed flying stomp. Porto really needed those to boost her chance of finishing this fight. Maria got outstruck and her takedowns were stuffed all night. She had a pretty deep one, but Porto's defence was flawless.
    Lastly, Gilbert Melendez's wife, Keri Anne Taylor, improved her Muay Thai record to 2-1 with a lopsided 30-26 decision win over the debuting Maia Kahaunaele Stevenson. The fight was practically target practice for Taylor. Her most effective strike was a push kick to the body and face and in the 3rd round she hurt MKS badly with a few knees to the body causing a 10 count. Surprisingly, she did not keep attacking the body. The #7 MMA atomweight, Stephanie Frausto, was also suppose to compete in Muay Thai on this card, but her opponent had to withdraw.

    For streams of the fights (legal ones), and full fights that aren't made known at the time of writing you can follow for the latest

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