CEO Jeff Aronson confident in decision to delay Titan FC 28, says he is ‘not going to put a subpar product out’

Titan FC CEO Jeff Aronson spoke with Bloody Elbow regarding the recent changes to the Titan FC 28 fight card, including the new online streaming deal with as well as the changes to the production methodology.

It was revealed last week that Titan FC 28, which had originally been set to take place on April 25th, has been rescheduled for May 16 in Newkirk, Oklahoma. The reasons behind the sudden changes were unclear, so CEO Jeff Aronson spoke with Bloody Elbow to clarify the situation.

The first issue that the promotion faced was that they had lost their original main and co-main events, as Mike Ricci and Vinny Magalhaes both suffered injuries and withdrew from their respective fights.

"So originally the main event was supposed to be Mike Ricci vs George Sotiropoulos. Mike Ricci suffered a neck injury in his fight with Jorge Gurgel, so he had to pull out of that main event." Aronson told "The co-main event was Vinny Magalhaesvs Jason Brilz, but Vinny then came down with MRSA [staph infection] so I had to scrap that fight. I had to then bring in Raphael Davis, who has wins over Vinny Magalhaes and Emanuel Newton. Then I had to bring in Kalib Starnes to fight Dave Herman, I moved D.J Linderman to the main card to fight Walt Harris. Then on the last weekend, three fighters got hurt and I had to bring in Alvin Robinson, which is actually a more exciting fight. "

Apart from the changes to the fight card, Aronson also detailed the new relationship with, which will allow Titan FC to stream preliminary bouts to an international audience. The decision to move negotiate with CBS, while a beneficial one for the promotion, added to their decision to delay the fight card so that they could integrate onto the site.

"We then negotiated with CBS to get us on because we wanted to be able to stream all the preliminaries nationally and internationally, and is one of the largest sports websites in the world. So it was going to take them a couple of weeks to integrate it into their system.

"I think it is a huge thing to be able to stream off a site like The amount of monthly unique visitors is in the tens of millions so it is phenomenal. To be welcomed into that family shows the relationship between Titan FC and CBS on a whole."

As the partnership between Titan FC and CBS continues to develop, Aronson promises improvements to the promotion's broadcasts, including increased marketing and better production values as their team continues to expand.

"We have brought in the best talent available to work on the production with us. CBS is involved in the production as well. They are actually starting to put commercials on for us. Every show we are doing more and more things to improve our product."

With an added three-week gap before Titan FC 28, Aronson revealed that he has been working hard trying to compensate fans for the inconvenience, mainly by providing more high quality fights on the broadcast.

"I wanted to give the fans more for the inconvenience of the changed date, so I worked out a deal where we agreed to do a six-fight show on a two and a half hour window, as opposed to a two-hour window. I come from the management perspective. I'm always the one trying to get more for the fighters and more for the fans. I don't come from a promoter's perspective, so it is very different."

Ultimately, Aronson refused to offer fans a "subpar" product, particularly after going through the initial effort of rebranding the promotion.

"I am not going to put a subpar product out. We've been working so hard to garner such good attention from the media and the fans, that I wanted to do everything possible to give them the best card available."

Titan FC 28 takes place May 16th, with a headlining bout between Raphael Davis and Jason Brilz and UFC veterans Dave Herman and Kalib Starnes colliding in the co-main event slot.

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