How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Twitter Hacks, Beef, and Ring Girls

The week's most interesting bits from the MMA and UFC twitter world.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


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"I think Tito vs Schlemenko is a work. What do you think"  -Ben Askren, says Tito will intentionally lose to help boost the Bellator champ's career?

"it's a work!!! Tito has ties To Schlemenko. Taking the L for a good cause."  -Ben Askren

"I don't really feel like he won the 2nd fight. I did all the damage, sub attempts, & aggression. Let's see who finishes this best of 3."  -Josh Barnett, calls out Nog instead of the winner of the fight.

"I'm gonna shoot a reality show where I go around and pick up Hitch hikers ask their life stories and give them sh*tty advice"  -Forrest Griffin ‏

"I hate some races & if that makes me a bad person that's just too bad. Who wants to run or watch someone run more than a 10k? Not me"  -Yves Edwards, what? ..oh.



"Just got a new phone. Changing all of my social media passwords. Apparently I was hacked."  -Jon Jones, who has DM'd random fans with childish insults in the past, although now that he used a homophobic slur and got called out about it, he suddenly "lost his phone".

"Also woke up to find out some idiot is running an account with my name and  6k followers. I'd like to meet him."  -Stipe Miocic

"I wouldn't be half as mad @StipeMiocic if his tweets were original or funny. Instead he takes mine and sends out garbage otherwise."  -Stipe Miocic, talking to the imposter Miocic.

"@StipeMiocic Hey man your tweets are awesome. You think you could teach me how to not be funny?"  -Stipe Miocic

"@UFC_Shanda Hey any chance you can help getting some idiots fake account of me shut down? ...Don't let his incredible good looks deter you from doing what is right..... hahahaha."  -Stipe Miocic

"May @StipeMiocic R.I.P. Gonna miss that guy."  -Stipe Miocic





"No, no, no... The math teacher doesn't walk away. I put him away. You got one good one left. I'm not asking..."  -Chael Sonnen

"What would you like me to call u? Mr Franklin? Rich? Richard? Dick? Ace? Just call me the 1 who ended ur career. Now I'll take a berry blast"  -Chael Sonnen



"With my favorite x-man @brendan_schaub at Rener and Eve's gorgeous wedding... #nodrinksnocake #goodcompany #graciewaygraciewedding"  -Ronda Rousey



"cause he sucks why else"  -Mark Hunt, on why he doesn't think a bout against Schaub would be interesting.

" strong words coming from a guy who basically lost his last two fights and is 9-8"  -Brendan Schaub

" didn't rothwell make u dance"  -Mark Hunt

"@markhunt1974 I'm gonna open up a Jiu Jitsu school in New Zealand to help you out. Just so you have some clue on the ground #Mckorkle"  -Brendan Schaub

"@BrendanSchaub be nice if u did but while your trying to sub me I'm going to stand on them lips of yours"  -Mark Hunt

"@markhunt1974 hmmmm... Well you just worry about getting back in shape. Bring it"  -Brendan Schaub

"never said no to any fight especially from a noob that doesn't know how to dance... @BrendanSchaub if u make it past the first round your getting your lips subbed u will be my first sub in ufc how would u feel Hahaga"  -Mark Hunt

"@markhunt1974 ha! If you sub me I'll give you my purse. If I K.O. you give me yours? Deal?"  -Brendan Schaub

" it's a bet if I k o u or sub u it's a deal... if u sub me same thing"  -Mark Hunt



"Me dressed as a pirate, @bisping being himself all in the animated glory of SpongeBob SquarePants."  -Tim Kennedy

"can't wait to get my hands on that little dork Kennedy. #TUFNations @UFCONFOX"  -Michael Bisping

"So @TimKennedyMMA talks all this shit on the internet but doesn't have the balls to say a single word to my face.#keyboardwarrior"  -Michael Bisping



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