BE shopped: Dillashaw vs.

On the last How's Taste My Tweet Tweet article, this little number showed up.

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@HeidiFang posted it, and wondered if this was the "UFC's first Skype stare-down?" An interesting question, but not nearly as interesting as the resulting comment section photoshopped version of the picture, posted and presumably created by commenter Charles Awad.

Report: TJ Dillashaw hates kittens

There were several that wondered if this could become a thing, and they are goddamn right it can. I've had my own amateurish go at putting together a couple of alternative TJ vs pics.

First, I wondered how TJ felt about fighting Inuit children.

He seems strangely comfortable with it. I'm not sure I approve.

Well, how would T.J. deal with a steeper challenge? Would he exude the same air of superiority facing off with Ryu?

Damn, T.J. You're pretty confident, aren't ya? Nary a waver in his icy stare. But what if we upped the stakes? Would T.J.'s cool exterior crack beneath the eyes of the King of the Monsters?

Now that's just fucking cocky, Dillashaw. Fighting Nosferatu with that sort of devil-may-care attitude is one thing, but you show some damn respect when you're up against Godzilla. Seriously, I know you're not old enough to remember the real Godzilla (I'll bet he thinks he's fighting that weak ass lizard from the 90's movie) but Uriah or somebody should have schooled you on this.

At this point, T.J. has to be considered unflappable. I don't even have any more options.... wait a minute. Yes. That might do.

Buckle the fuck up, T.J. You're about to enter pants-shitting levels of stare down madness. Just try to look into the faces of these toughs and tell me you're not scared.

Oh yeah. T.J.'s smirk is still there, but I can sense the unmistakable air of doubt in his demeanor. He's worried, and he damn well should be. The two heavies on the right and left are bad enough, but Elmo's got crazy eyes, and T.J. is sweating.

Have a better one? Think this is stupid? Put your own shops and recriminations in the comment section.

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