Glory 15 Istanbul: Full fight card, fight preview, and live streaming results for Spike TV

Tyrone Spong vs Remy Bonjasky, Glory 5 - GLORY Sports International

Saturday night, watch all the action at Glory 15 Istanbul on Spike TV. Bloody Elbow will have spoiler-free coverage right here for Glory 15, featuring Tyrone Spong, Gokhan Saki, and more, Saturday night on Spike.

Saturday April 12, Bloody Elbow presents fight coverage of Glory 15 Istanbul. Glory 15 airs on Spike TV, Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. ET. Because of the time change from Turkey, the Spike TV broadcast will air on tape delay.

PLEASE NOTE - This is a discussion thread for the Spike broadcast, so please keep it SPOILER FREE for the benefit of fans watching Saturday night. International readers - to discuss Glory 15 Istanbul live as it airs Saturday, join us here in this separate live thread.

Glory has been putting on consistently strong cards since their Spike debut last year, and after a bit less of a star-studded card last time out, they are back with a great one this time. Included here is a tournament to crown Glory's first Light Heavyweight champion, with Tyrone Spong vs. Saulo Cavalari and Nathan Corbett vs. Gokhan Saki. Fans are eager for a Spong vs. Saki final, but Cavalari and Corbett will look to the examples set by Rico Verhoeven and Andy Ristie and try to spoil those plans. In the main event, Robin van Roosmalen takes on Marat Grigorian with both men trying to gain traction in the now highly volatile Lightweight ranks, while in the co-main event, Danyo Ilunga welcomes hot talent Andrei Stoica to Glory. All are superb fights that should make for a tremendous evening.

More Glory 15 Istanbul Coverage

Join us here at Bloody Elbow for the Glory 15 Istanbul live stream, results, discussion, and fight coverage this Saturday, April 12.


Robin van Roosmalen vs. Marat Grigorian
Danyo Ilunga vs. Andrei Stoica
Tournament Final
Semifinal: Tyrone Spong vs. Saulo Cavalari
Semifinal: Gokhan Saki vs. Nathan Corbett

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