Dan Hardy speaks out on U.S health-care system, says British doctors claim surgery for heart condition not needed


UFC fighter and commentator Dan Hardy spoke out about his latest diagnosis in the UK, the shortcomings of the U.S health-care system, and why that system is keeping him out of the octagon.

While many assumed that UFC welterweight competitor Dan Hardy's career was nearing its end, it appears that the British star could still be cleared to fight in the octagon once more.

British doctors have informed the one-time title contender that he will likely not require surgery to rectify his heart condition, which would greatly increase his chances of fighting again as he is insistent on not doing the surgery recommended by American doctors.

Hardy, who was last scheduled to meet Matt Brown UFC on FOX 7, was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson syndrome, a heart condition which can lead to an accelerated heart beat for periods at a time. The heart disorder is caused by an extra electrical pathway in the heart and is generally addressed with surgery.

Yet Hardy, who has never suffered from any of the symptoms associated with the syndrome, believes the issue is with the U.S health-care system, as he had consulted British doctors, who confirmed that he does not need to have surgery.

"The health-care system is a business in the US," Hardy told The National. "I never had any preconceived notions but it always surprised me that you can't walk into a hospital in one of the most powerful countries in the world and get treatment. "It's just the way the system is set up. Unfortunately, because it is a business, every doctor is a salesman. Is that not a conflict of interest? A guy trying to sell you surgery is trying to make money off it. Why would he give you an honest opinion?"

The conflicting opinions between the doctors in the UK and the U.S have placed Hardy in a tough situation, as he is required doctor's clearance from the U.S before he can be scheduled to fight under the UFC banner once more.

"That is only a preliminary stage to getting cleared to fight. I have to go back and see that doctor in the US and see what his suggestion is now. At least I feel confident that my decision was the right one."

Hardy, 31, has competed in the UFC since 2008 and admit that he has no interest in fighting for any other organization again.

"I wouldn't fight MMA for other organizations. As much as I love that we have others out there, I've become so accustomed to being a part of the UFC machine, it wouldn't feel right. I wouldn't have the same kind of passion to compete as I do here."

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