WMMA Preview Week 1-2: Holly Holm headlines on AXS TV, Seo Hee Ham returns

Will Fox - Full Court Press

A lowdown on fights scheduled in the coming week that are definitely worth a watch.

April 5th - Legacy FC 30

135lbs Bantamweight (5 round title fight)

Holly Holm vs. Julie Werner (airs on AXS TV 7 pm EST)

Another step in the Holly Holm build up. Just another fight they can point too, at least on paper, that Holly was being tested. "Her last opponent had most of her wins by submission and Holly beat her! Oh, Werner's on a 5 fight winning streak (at flyweight)!" You don't really see MMA fighters that are able to pick fights, the way Holm and her team does. And that's no knock on Holm or her team. It's very smart and Holm is extremely talented. Dana White said he doesn't like Holm's manager, which likely means he's doing his job, trying to secure a lucrative deal.

She has had a storied boxing career, and is one of the few women to make a very good living in professional sports. Her kickboxing is superb, one of the few females Jack Slack has covered, and she is arguably the best striker in MMA (Miriam Nakamoto is up there with her, and Cyborg) if not the best, according to Mr. Slack. Everyone wants to see how Holm is if the fight hits the ground.

Werner is on a 5 fight winning streak, with many wins at flyweight, and I don't think she will be the one to put Holm on her back. Nonethless, Holly Holm is as must-watch as they come in WMMA.

Here's a quick highlight of "The Preacher's Daughter" and if you want more... Here's a handy playlist of Holly's fights and a very nice trailer put out by AXS TV


April 6th - Road FC

105lbs Atomweight

#6 Seo Hee Ham vs. Shino VanHoose (airs on uStream 6am EST)

Say what you will about Japanese/Asian matchmaking or undeserved title shots. I rather see a top ranked fighter face an unworthy challenger, than not fight at all.

Ham is the DEEP JEWELS 105 champ, and a pure striker. Clean technique from the southpaw stance, however, she can't seem to finish fights with only one finish in her career. I only see two worthy challengers for Michelle Waterson's Invicta belt, and Ham is one of them (Simona Soukupova, the other), and I do expect Waterson's first defence to be against Ham, barring injuries etc.

VanHoose speaks Japanese, and has fought 5 times for Japanese promotions going 3-2. Two of the losses were two top atomweights Numata and Ishikawa (retired now), and at only 18!

Ham put it on knockout artist Hisae Watanabe in this exciting fight (I believe Watanabe is the only other female Jack has featured extensively in his beautifully named 'Better Strikers Than Ronda Rousey' series)


April 12th - Cage Warriors 67

135lbs Bantamweight

Agnieszka Niedzwiedz vs. Gemma Hewitt (airs on MMAJunkie.com)

Niedzwiedz is a young and quickly developing fighter out of Poland. In her last fight she showed stand up in her game that wasn't prevalent in her previous bouts. I'm expecting another 'level up' to the 19 year-old's MMA game.

Agnieszka is also quite active on Twitter and here's another tweet

The other bout sees two CWFC debuters as England’s Kate Jackson taking on Spain’s Monica Gaitan in a flyweight bout. This one will air on the Cage Warriors Facebook page.


April 5th - Jungle Fight 68

135lbs Bantamweight

Larissa Pacheco vs. Lizianne Silveira

Pacheco returns after her thrilling 3rd round TKO victory over recent Invicta signing, Irene Aldana, to claim the first ever Jungle Fight Women's Championship. She looks to improve her record to a perfect 10-0, and sounds like she could be heading to the UFC shortly. She told MMAFighting, "I thought I’d (sign with the UFC) now. I heard some promises, but I’m waiting for a chance. I’m ready whenever they call me."

She has a 100% finishing rate with 4 TKOs and 5 SUBs. And all before her 20th birthday.

April 12th - Lights Out Promotions

145lbs Featherweight

Marina Shafir vs TBA

After tearing through every amateur opponent (5-0, total fight time just a bit over one round), Shafir will be making her pro debut. Her opponent is the unpredictable 'TBA', but there's very few fighters at 145 that would give her trouble. She's gotten quite a bit of extra attention via her good friend, Ronda Rousey. However, her grappling is very strong. I like to see fighters prove themselves before getting ranked higher. Though, I wouldn't be on edge betting money on Shafir against any 145er, other than Cyborg, and maybe pure grapplers like Talita Noguiera and Fiona Muxlow.

Here's a playlist of some of her fights


Jump guard arm-in guillotine transition to triangle choke finish

This fight took place in December 2013. Just found the video recently. Features Livia Renata Souza, new Invicta signee, vs. Bianca Reis. She's undefeated at 5-0 and is very good for a 23 year old.


Rankings source


For streams of the fights (legal ones), and full fights that aren't made known at the time of writing you can follow closer to the time of the day of the fight.

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