Big Ten Wrestling Championships: Finals Match Ups and Live Discussion Thread


Bloody Elbow brings you finals match ups and a live discussion of the Big Ten Wrestling Championship Finals broadcast nationally on BTN at 2 pm.

At 2 pm ET Big Ten Network and will air the finals of the prestigious Big Ten Wrestling Championships in beautiful HD.

The big news coming from the tournament at this point involves the team championship race. Currently Penn State and Iowa sit neck and neck (according to the wonderful Penn State Wrestling Club website). Penn State leads by half a point 128.5 to 128, but Iowa can potentially score 170 points to Penn State's 167.5. This means that the finals results will determine the team champion.

Semifinals results and finals matchups appear below by weight class.


Semifinal - Nico Megaludis (Penn State ) won by decision over Ryan Taylor (Wisconsin) (Dec 4-3)

Semifinal - Jesse Delgado (Illinois) won by decision over Cory Clark (Iowa) (Dec 4-3)

Finals- Nico Megaludis (Penn State ) vs Jesse Delgado (Illinois)

Expect plenty of tangled limbs, and little scoring in a rematch of last year's national finals match.


Semifinal - Tony Ramos (Iowa)  won by decision over Cashe Quiroga (Purdue)(Dec 7-6)
Semifinal - Tyler Graff (Wisconsin) won by decision over David Thorn (Minnesota)(Dec 9-4)

Finals- Tony Ramos (Iowa) vs Tyler Graff (Wisconsin)

Ramos is fast-paced and mean, Graff is a physical bruiser. This national semifinals rematch should be close.


Semifinal - Zain Retherford (Penn State ) won by decision over Stephen Dutton (Michigan)(Dec 4-0)
Semifinal - Logan Stieber (Ohio State) won by major decision over Chris Dardanes (Minnesota)(MD 9-0)

Finals- Zain Retherford (Penn State ) vs Logan Stieber (Ohio State)

Rematch of one of the year's most shocking upset as superfrosh Retherford and double national champ Stieber collide.


Semifinal - Jake Sueflohn (Nebraska) won by decision over Eric Grajales (Michigan)(Dec 8-6)
Semifinal - Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern) won by decision over Nick Dardanes (Minnesota)(Dec 4-2)

Finals- Jake Sueflohn (Nebraska) vs. Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern)

The hardworking, technically perfect and boring Tsirtsis takes on Sueflohn, who is good, but never really leaves an impression.


Semifinal - Derek St. John (Iowa) won in tie breaker - 1 over Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin)(TB-1 4-3)
Semifinal - James Green (Nebraska) won by decision over Dylan Ness (Minnesota)(Dec 7-3)

Finals- Derek St. John (Iowa) vs. James Green (Nebraska)

This will be a high drama final. St. John is the defending national champ, but Green beat him earlier this year.


Semifinal - David Taylor (Penn State) won by fall over Jackson Morse (Illinois)(Fall 0:40)
Semifinal - Nick Moore (Iowa) won by decision over Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota)(Dec 8-5)

Finals- David Taylor (Penn State) vs Nick Moore (Iowa)

Watch superstar Taylor win his fourth Big Ten strap.


Semifinal - Robert Kokesh (Nebraska) won by decision over Logan Storley (Minnesota)(Dec 3-2)
Semifinal - Mike Evans (Iowa) won by decision over Matt Brown (Penn State )(Dec 3-2)

Finals- Robert Kokesh (Nebraska) vs Mike Evans (Iowa)

This should be tense and low scoring. Kokesh will get in on lots of low singles and have trouble finishing, and Evans will keep punching him in the head. Evans looks just like Bill "The Butcher" Cutting.


Semifinal - Ed Ruth (Penn State ) won by major decision over Domenic Abounader (Michigan)(MD 9-1)
Semifinal - Ethen Lofthouse (Iowa) won by decision over Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota)(Dec 5-4)

Finals- Ed Ruth (Penn State ) vs Ethen Lofthouse (Iowa)


Semifinal - Morgan McIntosh (Penn State) won in tie breaker - 1 over Nathan Burak (Iowa)(TB-1 3-2)
Semifinal - Nick Heflin (Ohio State)won by decision over Scott Schiller (Minnesota)(Dec 3-2)

Finals- Morgan McIntosh (Penn State) vs Nick Heflin (Ohio State)

My pick for the most exciting match of the finals, either could win.


Semifinal - Tony Nelson (Minnesota) won by fall over Jon Gingrich (Penn State ) (Fall 1:58)
Semifinal - Adam Chalfant (Indiana) won by decision over Michael McMullan (Northwestern)(Dec 3-2)

Finals- Tony Nelson (Minnesota) vs Adam Chalfant (Indiana)

Watch this match, if for nothing else than the spectacle of two monstrously muscled young men banging heads.

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