BECW S9 Sign Up and New Season Information! UPDATED! 4 SPOTS REMAIN!

ONLY 4 SPOTS REMAIN. THE FOLLOWING NOTABLE PEOPLE HAVE YET TO SIGN UP: JDH, Ben Bauman, Pookie, Swiftman, TC Engel, RStephen4, PG legends Shawn91111 and Playground samurai. If you know someone is interested but hasnt signed up yet get on them quick.

Hi all. Thank you to those of you who have signed up already for the new season. Most were able to follow the simple instructions correctly but there were a few 'hopless' people who struggled to do so. We are currently at 85 returning players plus 11 captains. We still need 1 person to step up and be a captain. Its really not a lot of work and is good fun. So someone please get on this. As it stands our 11 captains are as follows:










Rob Young

Joe Rogans smoking bong


Joe Rogans Smoking Bong was kind enough to step up and take over from SPA so now we need someone to take over from Hayabusa. Reply in the comments or shoot me and email at ourbovinepublic 17 @ gmail .com

The following players have signed up and are confirmed:

-Neil- Some_Guy
1N87 1N87
Aaronb Aaronb
AK Death AKDeath
Alxn Alxn
Andersac Andersac
Andrew Byrne AndrewByrne
Andy Davis Andy_Davis
artnoC artnoC
Bcpjkell Bcpjkell
Benten20 Benten20
Bodytriangle Bodytriangle
Brad Akerson grits207
brutalbobbyt Brutalbobbyt
Careful Icarus Careful-Icarus
Chairmaker Chairmaker
Clay Davis clay_davis
Clayguidashair Clayguidashair
Cocytus Cocytus
Colonel Duke Lacross Morior23
DarthRaven DarthRaven
Dave Strummer Montefisto
DetroitDrew DetroitDrew
DirtyML DirtyML
Discoandherpes Discoandherpes
Dr. Octagon DrOctagon
DreamingOfFighting DreamingOfFighting
Duck Duck
Dutchbaby Dutchbaby
Earl Montclair MostDiabolicalHater
Ebinch Ebinch
Ephemeral Artery Ephemeral_Artery
Euthanatos Euthanatos
Fedorable Fedorable
Flying.Armbar.Bro Letmebleedbro
Forkboy Forkboy
Fraser Coffeen FraserCoffeen
Gator rolled Brkrny
Gefop Gefop
Greek_fighter Greek_fighter
GregtheRangerStott GregtheRangerStott
GreyedOut GreyedOut
GreyedOut GreyedOut
grizzlyatoms grizzlyatoms
Gxc Gxc
Horselover Fat Horselover_Fat
Huggy bear Huggybear
Jafotinatos Jafotinatos
JakeHopkins IvanIllich
Jason18 jason18
Jeffigatame Jeffigatame
Johnnynumber5 Johnnynumber5
Katie Winter KatGirl
Kevin Jennison J. Zametov-St Pierre KJ_ZametovStPierre
Knowlege Knowlege
Lanky6 Lanky6
loveandpeace loveandpeace
Maavin Maavin
Matt Bishop TheBoss
Mazzacare MrMazz
Memitim Memitim
Mlzybaby Mlzybaby
MMAcca MMAcca
Mmastation Mmastation
Mookie Alexander SSReporters
MrBrutality MrBrutality
Niftu cal Niftu_cal
Patrick Wyman Fightinghistorian
PatTzu PatTzu
Phenylenginerods Phenyl_engine_rods
PookieGnome Pookie_Gnome
ScoreCardOTN ScoreCardOTN
sday420 sday420
Sexytime Sexytime
Skeebop Skeebop
Sklart Sklart
SlipnRip SlipnRip
Snatchl Snatchl_BE
Snax Snax
Soilworker Soilworker
Sonnens Political Adviser SonnensLifeCoach
SteveevaD SteveevaD
StevenGiles StevenGiles
sun yue sunyue
Sweet Scientist tokitok
Tats Tats
TheTrapezoidConspiracy TheTrapezoidConspiracy
Titan_Fan_2K TitanFan2K
Uk mma man Ukmmaman
Unabomberman Unabomberman
Waristotle Waristotle
Wonderfulspam Wonderfulspam
Yan117 Yan117
Zachary Kater Zakkree

These are the new players to sign up:

NuclearSun NuclearSun
JRich3az JRich3az
Jammin Jammin
Cowbird Cowbird
murderfly murderfly

If you dont see your name on the list leave a comment or shoot me an email at the above address.

For new players or players who sat out last season and want back in shoot me an email containing your exact BE screen name and exact PG screen name. If you are signing up for the first time please try and keep this as similar as possible although its not a big deal if they arent.

Captains, fill out your keeper sheet and I'll verify your picks. The draft is going to be on Sunday at 4pm ET, 9pm GMT and 1pm Pacific time. Players dont have to be here for the draft but its usually good fun to make fun of people struggling to understand how the draft works so drop by the thread if you are free.

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