MMA on Instagram: Airplanes, Arnold, Patrick Cote and a Golden Retriever

Anton Tabuena

Welcome to another week in MMA on Instagram! MMA stalker Katie Winter has collected the best pics that MMA fighters and personalities were sharing this week and they're all right here for your viewing pleasure.

Welcome to another week of MMA on Instagram! I honestly could have used a few more celebrity pics this week. To make up for that, I have included a special section just for Matt Roth's dog (and my favorite IG pet other than Katie-dog), Remy Martin Roth, because I have been neglecting her and I don't want her to hate me. There is also a special Patrick Cote section, which some of you will probably appreciate more than others, and lots & lots of the usual stuff. Thanks to the BE readers and writers who provided me with food pics this week, as well - keep 'em coming! Follow me on Instagram and enjoy the pics!

Melvin Guillard is ready for his fight! "Its go time!!!!!"

Chris Leben with his daily breakfast: "My breakfast every morning. Garden of life's raw meal replacement @gardenofliferaw."

Felice Herrig climbs a rope: "Climbing my way to the top one training session at a time @davisspeedctr"

Anthony Johnson sizes up Mike Easton: "Damn Mike Easton is small"

Brendan Schaub taunts a crocodile: "Had to spice the crocodile tour up in Costa Rica #Rebel #pleasedontbiteme"

Dan Hardy really does have a pretty view: "Every day I look at the world from my window... #WaterlooSunset"

Joe Lauzon has a theater all to himself: "Packed theatre for the Lego Movie... At 6pm on a busy Wednesday night"

Yancy Medeiros passed his test!: "UFC popped a surprise drug test on your boy.. CLEAN like a whistle.. Old spice whistle... 😙😙😙 #aintworriedboutnothin"

Bigfoot Silva drives fast and makes a video. I don't think that's safe: "Powers cars..... Depois q andei com o @cacabuenoracing em interlagos me apaixonei em velocidade... #ferrari 550 HP #maserati #corvette @brunosoel @ercilioslaviero @lucasroveda #siennamotors"

Josh Koscheck was an adorable cowboy!: "#tbt me back when I was a cowboy. lol"

Ronda Rousey vacations in Costa Rica: "Pura Vida :)"

Tecia Torres with Lyoto Machida. I would go full fangirl, too.: "=) Lyoto Machida #fangirl #mma #ufc #karate #att"

Mike Swick works on getting AKA Thailand all set up: "We started setting up the @AKAThailand #CrossFit room by doing #CrossFit. This building is coming together nice! Can't wait to see it in action next week! #AKAThailand #Phuket #Thailand"

Jackson's MMA taunts poor John Dodson: "@centurymartialarts thanks for sending @johndodsonmma his new training partner. He is the perfect size!"

Shayna Baszler with some car thing I don't know about but Josh Barnett hooked her up with it: "Warmaster @joshlbarnett hooking me up w/this upgrade from @jetperformance @jetdan! Can't wait to drop it in!!"

Brendan Schaub is ready for Mark Hunt: "Mark Hunt, "If Schaub wants to go to sleep, lets do it" where do I sign? I'm in...."

Mauricio Rua doing promo work for his fight against Dan Henderson: "Mais gravações pro UFC Natal em São Paulo! More shootings for UFC Fight Night: Shogun x Henderson 2 in São Paulo! @venumofficial @montana_agriculture @ufc"

Elias Silverio lifts a big tire: "Bom carnaval a todos! #treino #muaythai #mma #arsenalcar #ufc #warxuxu"

Hector Lombard, Mike Brown and Glover Teixeira train together: "Training with the killers @mikebrown @glovertexeira"

Glover Teixeira spends Sunday Funday with Chuck Liddell: "Passando o domingo com bons amigos @raonibarcelos e @theofficialchuckliddell"

Patrick Cummins heads off to get some alone time and clear his head: '"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." - Martin Buber'

Lyoto Machida and Jon Jones ran into each other at the airport on the way to the Arnold Classic: "Just met @jonnybones going to The same event!!Acabei de encontrar o Jones bones!!"

Tito Ortiz's shoe collection: "I have a @nike problem. I Think I need more. Making up from when I was a kid when I got one pair a year if I was lucky."

Felice Herrig and the Allmax girls flank Frankie Edgar one night after the Arnold Classic: "The Allmax girls and that one @UFC fighter .... Oh his name is Frankie Edgar"

Antonio Silva rides his jet ski: "Riding my jet sky....Dando um passeio..."

Kenny Florian and Jon Anik share some nice moments at the TUF China Finale event: "Some awkward photos from #UFCFightNightMacau 😳 #SlowDance"

Matt Bessette with Roy Nelson after Bessette's Bellator 110 victory last Friday night: "A post fight picture with #BigCountry #RoyNelson. His nec fight is against Big Nog!"

Jamie Varner shows off his legs at the Arnold Classic: "We don't skip leg day @officialbodyfortress #arnoldclassic2014 @fitprgirl"

Mike Swick, Stefan Struve and Chris Lytle celebrate with Matt Mitrione after his victory at the TUF China Finale: "#TheseGuys! Big congrats to #MattMitrione on his TKO victory tonight! ;) #UFCFightNight #Macau #ChrisLytle #StefanStruve"

Mark Munoz and his wife are a happy couple: "Unconditional love is a choice! I've made an awesome choice! @kristi_munoz"

Jon Jones and Ryan Bader enjoy their time together on their flight to Arizona: "Talked to Bader for a good two hours before finally passing out on our flight to Arizona. Guys actually a really good dude, glad we got to connect"

Alistair Overeem with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Arnold Classic: "Met with my big time idol Arnold Schwarzenegger! Walking example of ~ the sky is the limit!"

Francisco Rivera gets ready to ski: "Time to hit the slopes at #MountainHigh ..❄️❄️❄️⛄️🏂🏂☺️⛄️❄️❄️.."

Chris Weidman and Lyoto Machida together at the Arnold Classic after they just found out that they'll be fighting each other next at UFC 173: "Look who I bumped into at the Arnold Classic. Excited for our fight. #ufc173"

Sportkiller Greg Jackson shoots stuff: "Greg Jackson #sportkiller #yodastyle #heisenberg"

Vitor Belfort and his wife and friends take in the Heat vs. Magic game: "Heat vs Magic.... Goooooo Heat!! Bons momentos com amigos @Joanapradob @magoldfarb @markshubert @gabialcantaranetto"

Rory MacDonald enjoys some time outdoors. Look at that smile!: "Loving my time back in #bc today me and my brother went fishing and shooting in the mountains"

Josh Thomson gets ready to cheer for the #3 car at the Phoenix Nascar race.: "Getting pumped for my boy @austindillon3 race tomorrow. It's great to see that #3 back I'm action even though it has a whole different feel to watching it race. It's a lil bitter sweet. The number couldn't of went to a greater guy though. #nascar #phoenix #settingheights"

Isaac Vallie-Flagg and Tim Kennedy buddy up: "#StrikeforceNeverDie"

Alptekin Ozkilic gets stretchy: "Stretching my neck out. Lol"

Thiago Alves gets oxygenated: "Oh you know just getting that hyperbaric oxygen chamber time. And getting some great reading done while I'm at it! 🙏 #cantstop #wontstop #theyearofthepitbull #thiagoalves2014 #imcomingNinjas 👊😳"

Mark Hunt Videos!

The Very Special Remy Martin Roth Section (because I need some golden retriever love):

"I swear this dog thinks she's a person. Also how is that comfortable?! How are you sleeping like that?!"

"Sure. Just make yourself comfortable."

"Uhhhhhh where am I supposed to sleep?"

The Savannah Cat!

"My enormous cat is starting to drink out of the toilet now. He swears he's a dog #savannacat #Africanserval"

"Judging by the size of Mufasa's feet, this dude has a lot more growing to do!"

Pet Pics!

Vinny Magalhaes's pups: "Mah dawgs..."

Tyson Griffin's dogs play in the snow: "My pups had a blast running around in the snow after I finished boarding. Brutus is a giant scardy cat unless he's chasing something and Riya ain't scared of nothing apparently lol! #americanbulldog #bullmastiff #dogs #mansbestfriend #snowballfight"

Stephen Thompson's dog has a chat: "BOYYY do I miss this guy. Can't wait to get home to see him!!!! #canecorso #igers #igdaily #photooftheday #picoftheday"

Josh Thomson's super cute dog: "Bought my boy bear at a charity auction. Best purchase I've made in over a decade. #lab #mansbestfriend"

Junior dos Santos relaxes with Thor and it's adorable: "Bateu a preguiça depois do almoço Thor e eu relaxando um pouco kk. We got lazy after lunch. Thor and me just relaxing."

Alexander Gustafsson's dog make a sort of pyramid: "❤️"

Jon Jones got his dogs back home! I didn't even know he had a Goldendoodle: "Finally had a bigger apartment open up feels good to be reunited with my babies #Gracie #Molly #BJ #GermanShepherd #Rottweiler #Goldendoodle"

Kyle Noke and his dog enjoy a nap: "Resting with my boy after a hard week of training"

Miesha Tate's dog, Buddy: "When I FINALLY made it back to vegas, I had a very warm welcome by my other Pup! I think Buddy boy was happy to see me :)"

Ben Saunders's dog is eyeing his coffee: "Trying to enjoy my Bulletproof Coffee but Kioko keeps given me the eye like he wanna be @Onnit :)"

Russell Doane's dog is a snorer: "🐶💤"

Rose Namajunas's dog finds a way to have fun: "I wish I could be this easily entertained."

Vinc Pichel's cat takes a flexibility nap: "That can't be comfortable..... Or can it? #IllTryAnythingOnce"

Dennis Bermudez's little buddy: "Found this little guy this morning #gecko #lizard #Cali"

Hector Lombard has a little friend, too: "She is cute"

Food Pics!

As discussed on the Bellator live thread last weekend, BE regular (and MMA Mania and MMA Fighting moderator) Cory Braiterman shared his delicious pasta creation with us: "Saffron tagliatelle with spicey sausage, porcini mushrooms, bell pepper, white and green onions, tomato and a slice of toasted bread"

Glover Teixeira's sushi: "Dinner"

Darren Uyenoyama's mango pudding. Yum!: "Fresh mango with mango pudding, and iced coconut milk. #dontpanicitsorganic #glutenfree"

BE's own Steph Daniels shares her gyro with us: "Best gyro ever"

Jon Jones's lunch: "Lunch"

Anton Tabuena's falafel plate looks amazing!: "Break from all the Chinese food we've been having. #UltimateFalafelChampionship #FoodPorn"

David Mitchell has a tasty-looking meal: "Earth grown. Beyond paleo"

Carlos Condit's training food: "Power salad"

Braulio Estima eats a delectable-looking meal: "Hmmmmmm :DDDDD"

Tyson Griffin's potatoes and eggs: "I ate the potatoes with a left over protein omelette made with whole eggs and filled with ground chicken, kale, onions, chili flakes, salt and cracked pepper. #avocado #breakfast #omelete #homefries #foodforfuel #performancefood #foodforperformanc"

Jon Jones's dinner looks a lot like my favorite dinner: "Vegetables and tofu for dinner tonight, Won't be eating the rice. I have a weird relationship with carbs right now"

Caio Magalhaes's yummy lunch: "Lunch today!"

Roxanne Modafferi promises her lunch is delicious: "I don't know appetizing this LOOKS, but it tastes fantastic. I paid extra for 90% lean ground beef, green beans, ocra, eggplant, asparagus, and teriyaki sauce! XD lunch! 練習後の昼御飯!"

Kyle Noke is grilling a lot of chicken: "I'm the BBQ king. Making some chicken for the rest if the week. #foodprep"

Jeremy Stephens partakes of something that looks pretty good: "Nice meal after training, good to eat fat boy meals : ) blessed @lalalopez87 hooked it up #homemade"

Felice Herrig's bison BLT: "Ohhh hell yes!! I ❤️having someone prepare all my meals for me... Bison BLT on brown rice bread"

Family Pics!

Uriah Hall reads stories to his nieces: "I don't always read stories to kids but when I do it's my two awesome nieces #cuteness #hallsway @mekiadenby"

Marlon Sandro and his kids relax: "Não tem modo melhor no mundo de acordar😍😍😍, #euamo #amormaior"

Chris Clements coaxes a smile out of his baby boy: "My lil man!"

Joe Lauzon and his new baby: "So, this is pretty much my life now. #babylauzon"

Michael Bisping prepares to take his daughter to the mall: "My daughter is growing up fast. To the mall!...."

Fabricio Werdum's baby daughter: "Eu já tenho um mês papai! #JOANAWERDUM"

Jon Jones's daughter's first birthday: "Happy 1st Birthday to my youngest Angel Olivia Haven!! Lol"

"Okay, she's all good now #preciousmemories"

Vitor Belfort's daughters help with the dishes: "Minhas princesas ajudando papai e a mamãe @joanapradob nos afazeres de casa isso não tem preço. Desejo a todos vcs um ótimo domingo My girls are so helpful I love to see how the see life!!! I wish all you guys a great Sunday"

C.B. Dollaway's happy little daughter: "Little Faith D rocking a #teamdoberman hat at lunch today !!!"

Anthony Pettis snuggles with his daughter: "This will never get old!!! #truelove #daddysgirl"

Patrick Cote is in Thailand and he's posting lots of pictures!

Happy Birthday!!!: "My little bday cake !!! #diet #chocolate #Patong #Phuket"

Searching for peace: "Finding some inside peace ... at least i m trying hahha"

On the beach: "Day off at the Patong beach @tigermuaythai"

I have no words: "Another great day at @tigermuaythai !!! #TUFNATIONS #tufFinally #CotevsNoke #april16th"

Speechless: "Awesome pad session this morning with Yod Master @tigermuaythai #training #CotevsNoke"

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