Shannon Knapp talks next Invicta card, Cris Cyborg to 135, TV deal negotiations, and more

Esther Lin

Shannon Knapp confirms and talks about a host of topics including Cyborg to 135lbs, next Invicta card, TV and something that is sure to rile up many fans, Bellator's first and only women's champion, Zoila Frausto Gurgel is moving back to 115lbs.

It's been quite a while since we've had any Invicta FC next event news. They held their last card, Invicta 7, in December 2013, but before that it had been almost 6 months in between Invicta 6 and 7. We finally have some news straight from Invicta FC President, Shannon Knapp, who spoke to Wombat Sports.

(note that Wombat Sports did not directly quote Knapp at any point in the article)

Next Invicta Card

Due to TV deal negotiations, Invicta has been unable to make any announcements. Knapp estimates that the next card will be around late April. A mock card is ready for Invicta 8, and Invicta 9 could also be announced when Invicta 8 is with an idea of who the main eventers will be for each card... which brings us to

Cris Cyborg will defend her title against Ediane Gomes before attempting the weight cut to 135 for Lauren Murphy's Invicta Bantamweight Title. Cyborg has a Muay Thai fight at the end of March, so I'm predicting Cyborg vs. Gomes is the main event Knapp has in mind for Invicta 9.

Zoila Frausto Gurgel is moving back to 115lbs, strawweight

Rejoice Megumi Fujii fans, and Frausto haters. Infamous for her controversial decisions over Jessica Aguilar and Megumi Fujii to take the first and only Bellator women's tournament (which was and still is the greatest assembling of female MMA talent, that is until the TUF Strawweights go at it). In addition to stating she could not (sounds like would not now) make the weight again. Since that fight with Fujii, she has fought exclusively at flyweight, losing to top ranked opposition, and making her Muay Thai debut. As soon as her next fight Frausto is looking to make the drop.

New signings, and future signings

Surprising to me, Knapp was "under fire" for not signing more American talent. More signings are on the way, many American. Expect more atomweights (105lbs)xt week ne to be "all American talent".

Invicta is waiting for the Ultimate Fighter tryouts to happen (the UFC have not announced an official date yet). They do not want to sign girls with the chance they will be UFC-bound shortly. Expect more signings, post-TUF tryouts.

Invicta bolsters atomweight division

#4 Strawweight Ayaka Hamasaki and Herica Tiburcio are moving down.

Hamasaki won her Invicta debut, before losing to the much bigger and superior grappling of Claudia Gadelha. Tiburcio is one of Brazil's top fighters and at only 4 ft 11, this is an excellent move on her part.

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