This Week in Quotes: Another Tribute to Mike Fagan

In 2011, back when I had a State job and a lot of tme to do nothing I wrote a tribute to Mike Fagan. Mike had a weekley series on BE that I absolutly enjoyed. So to honor him I will absolutely butcher this half-assed attempt to do "TWIQ".

Say no to Miracle Grow

"I thought as soon as the referee told him to let go, he let go. So if you think that he held it too long, then you're crazy."- Ali Abel-Aziz

"I think everybody needs to leave this kid alone," said Abdel-Aziz. "He went through a lot already, and he's a champ now. I think everybody should be congratulating him and praising him as a champ.- Ali Abel-Aziz, Congrats oh champion of limb breaking…If a tree stump can’t have limbs then why should anyone!

Random Thoughts

"They do seem to have a hard on for me."-Bisping, Well don’t be too cocky Bisbing

"I want to be that f–––ing lion"-Jim Miller, I want to be Mark Cuban.

"The (Joe) Lauzon fight was a fun fight,"

"I still have lumps from the fight, but that was a fun one."

"Hey @danawhite, let me have @lyotomachidafw, just like you let him have @jonnybones when I got hurt @ufc" -Dan Henderson, Chael’s mom lets him get a toy when he goes to Wal-Mart.

"Tore my left ACL in training. Surgery in a few days. Rehab, pain, hard work, no shortcuts- I'll soon be back at 100%. Thanks for the support."-GSP…obviously thanking the fans and not his knee for the support.

That was a Brazil Card?

"I was afraid this fight wouldn’t be able to live up to everyone`s expectations after the first one, but I think in the third round it came pretty close." Dan Henderson "The fans show incredible passion and it is awesome to see I’m starting to develop a small fan base". –CB Dollaway, I also have a small fan base…my mother, and my dog love what I do too CB.

"I think I should have gotten a warning first." -Norman Parke, when getting banned from BE for dead cat pics.

"I had an amazing camp. I made weight and still had some grams to spare." -Rony Jason, Yo Jason puff puff pass.

"I wasn’t in a good place, mentally. Now I’m back. The lion is awake." – Godofredo Pepey, Why is everyone wanting to be a damn lion. Penguins are cool too

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