Live Brazilian MMA Stream and Results: MMA Super Heroes 3

MMA Super Heroes

Come check out some of the top prospects coming out of Brazil on this free live stream.

card of top Brazilian fighters is going on for free.

Here's a link to the stream (adblock might have to be disabled)

Main Card:

115lbs - Kalinda Faria vs Laura Balin

The main fighters to watch

Herica Tiburcio, Kalindra Faria, Thomas de Almeida and Aline Sattelmayer are my main selling points. Tiburcio and Faria are two of the best fighters in the WMMA scene that has yet to fight with the UFC or Invicta. Kalindra Faria isn't really a prospect she beat Carina Damm via 1st round armbar a few fights ago, and made her strawweight debut TWO WEEKS ago. And is back at it.

Tiburcio signed with Invicta, and is looking to drop to 105lbs. But, for now she will fight at 115lbs. By no means is Sattelmayer a gimme fight.

Thomas de Almeida is 15-0 and has appeared on a few top prospects list. Here and here.

It's looking like the tournament bouts will be 2 five-minute rounds... at least for the semifinals.


135lbs - Thomas de Almeida def. Vinicius Zani via 4th round TKO

115lbs - Herica Tibúrcio def. Aline Sattelmayer via unanimous decision

115lbs GP finals - Renata Baldan def. Michele Angelo via 1st round TKO

170lbs GP finals - Murilo Trevizanvs def. Argeu Sarate via 2nd round TKO

Semifinal 115lbs - Renata Baldan def. Bruna Wing via unanimous decision (advances to finals)

Semifinal 115lbs - Michele Angelo def. Roberta Marreta via 2nd round TKO (advances to finals)

Semifinal 170lbs - Murilo Trevizan def. Anderson "Byddu" Feliciano via unanimous decision (advances to finals)

Reserve 170lbs - Luciano "Revira" Sousa def Eduardo Lima via 2nd round submission

Semifinal 170lbs - Argeu Sarate def Cesar "Doidêra" Belo via 2nd round TKO (Sarate advances to finals)

Reserve 115lbs - Luciana Treze and Graziele Riccota DRAW (interesting to see who is chosen if a replacement is needed for the 115 tournament)

Thiago Lopes def. Frank Dumont via 1st round TKO


Here's the link once more

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