Metamoris 3: Gracie vs Bravo Results, Highlights and GIFs

Metamoris 3 featured the much anticipated rematch of Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie, and the match didn't disappoint as Bravo dominated the later half of the match.

Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie (Draw)

Eddie Bravo came very, very close to repeating the feat of tapping Royler Gracie several times as he was all over Royler in the second half of the match with a variety of leg attacks. Royler spent the first eight minutes attacking Bravo's guard and really putting pressure down on Bravo, but as the match hit the midway point Bravo went on the attack.

Bravo used his lock down half guard and used his electric chair sweep several times and ended the match attack a calf slicer and heel hook combination for the last few minutes of the match, dominating the late part of the match. It was amazing performance from Bravo as he really showed off that he belongs on this stage with Royler and that he is in fact a high level grappler.





Clark Gracie vs. Rafael Mendes (Draw)

Clark Gracie and Rafa Mendes engaged in a guard battle for the ages as Rafa attacked the back with the berimbolo again and again and Clark showed a full variety of ways to prevent the back take. The match was mostly Rafa on that attack as he was able to shut down Gracie's famed omoplata attack, which never got off the ground. Clark did switch to more of a footlock attack, showing off some excellent offense leg entanglements that would have be illegal in the IBJJF due to knee reaping.

It was a very action packed match were Clark Gracie really impressed with his ability to keep Mendes, one of the very best in the world, off his back.


Keenan Cornelius defeats Kevin Casey (Heel Hook)

Vinny Magalhaes was forced to pull out late due to being hospitalized with a MRSA infection. MMA Fighter and Rickson black belt Kevin Casey stepped in on 30 minutes notice.

Casey and Cornelius felt each other's games out a bit in the early match, Cornelius playing guard and Casey trying to unravel his reverse de la Riva guard. They traded some take down attempts and Cornelius was able to get the mount and threaten submissions.

The match ended when Cornelius got the 50/50 guard and attacked a heel hook, Casey wisely tapped and bowed have acquitted himself well.


Dean Lister vs. Renato "Babalu" Sobral (Draw)

While this match ended in a draw, it was not short on entertainment. They contested the takedown early on, but when neither gained a clear advantage, Lister sat guard. Babalu was hesitant at first but then decided not to be the next Brendan Schuab and engaged. Lister attacked the back, and came very close to a heel hook early, but Babalu showed his craftsmanship as he deftly defended. Then in the second half of the match Babalu clearly took over, stuffing Lister sweeps and nearly getting two D'arce chokes finished as Lister slowed down. It ended in a draw, but it was an excellent match.


Guilherme Mendes defeats Samir Chantre (Baseball Choke)

This match was fairly one way traffic as Mendes was able to pull guard, sweep and pass the guard in short order. Once Mendes solidified his control, he passed Chantre's lapel and attacked a Barbo and Baseball Choke combination and got the finish.


Zak Maxwell vs. Sean Roberts (Draw)

A fairly slow match at times, but certainly had its high points. The early part of the match was largely spent in the 50/50, but the competitors opened up their games as the time wore on. While it ended in a draw, in the second half of this match Maxwell really took control, mounting Roberts and attacking several submissions.

All gifs from the one and only Zombie Prophet of Fanside

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