Metamoris 3: Gracie vs Bravo - Live Blog and Results

Royler Gracie and Eddie Bravo at Metamoris 2 - Esther Lin

Ben Thapa live blogs and analyzes the Metamoris 3 event, held at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Join the comments for discussion if you like.

The Metamoris 3 grappling event starts at 7 pm ET (4 pm PT) and the live stream can be bought for $20 at the Metamoris website.

The order of matches (topmost means first match of the night, bottom means the last match of the night) is as follows:

Zak Maxwell vs. Sean Roberts

Samir Chantre vs. Guilherme Mendes

Dean Lister vs. Renato "Babalu" Sobral

Keenan Cornelius vs. Vinny Magalhaes - Vinny had to drop out due to an MRSA infection and Kevin Casey from Kron Gracie's gym and TUF fame has stepped in on short notice. Keenan has agreed to this replacement opponent.

Clark Gracie vs. Rafael Mendes

Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie

The last two events were fairly fun to watch - apart from the one Brendan Schaub/Cyborg Abreu match - and this one appears to be set up in a way likely to have a couple of finishes and the rest a mix of scramble/positional battle matches.

The Metamoris crew has scheduled a preview to begin an hour before the event proper. Initially there were problems with displaying the stream, but after much refreshing, it seems to be working and displaying a Kenny Florian interview, which later segued into another interview with Joe Rogan. Occasionally, a rather entertaining Keenan outtakes clip comes on.

At 7:00 PM ET, the stream goes live with Kenny Florian and Jeff Glover looking dapper and on the mikes. Excellent quality and great audio.

The competitors are brought out en masse for the introductions and they cut to the promo trailer (probably to line everything up and so on). Then they go right to the Sean vs. Zak match with a short promo for each grappler. Ralph Gracie walking out behind Sean here. Looks like Regis Lebre in Zak's corner. Sean about 15 lbs heavier and lankier by far.

Sean in the blue and Zak in the white.

Zak vs. Sean:

Sean circles to start and both pull guard, Zak falls to his left and Sean starting to try his cross-lapel grip and lasso guard. Zak moving the free foot around and shifting to what looks like his favored guard pass position (standing, crouched over). Sean moves him back down and then moves around for an omoplata. Zak controls the free leg and backs out of it slowly without giving up position. Sean keeping Zak from his feet thus far, Zak gets up, Sean omoplatas him again, Zak spins around and out. Back to closed guard for Zak and Sean.

Zak regrips and starts standing up. Sean looks to be setting up a sweep, hooking the leg. Zak still trying to stand with his hands pushing Sean's armpits. Sean grabs a wrist and Zak goes back down to his knees. Sean now coming in with a loop choke, which is quickly defended. Zak trying to use his knees to break the closed guard, but Sean stays until Zak drops back down, then Zak pops over to half guard on the right, which is quickly replaced to full guard. Zak tries going the other way (to his left), then drops back for a straight anklelock, which goes nowhere.

Sean defends, but Zak seems to be setting up the footlock again, while seguing into the 50/50 guard. Sean sits up on his butt and keeps Zak's wrist controlled. Zak isn't into the 50/50, looks like he doesn't want to be there, he wants a different set-up actually. Zak spins for a berimbolo! Sean pulls out and defends, they get back into the leg tangle and Zak appears to be contemplating for a moment. Sean fends off another berimbolo. Zak is upside down and goes for a kneebar on the far leg!

Sean comes to the top, gets out and is now in half butterfly guard. Trying to push Zak's legs out of the way, but gives up two wrist/sleeve grabs. Zak working spider briefly before going back to the leg tangle in which he had a couple good berimbolos before. Sean drops to his back and appears to be working a calf crush, while Zak goes for a toe hold. They spin about a bit and then reset. Sean is now on his back and Zak sitting up. Sean going for cross-lapel and RDLR/half. Looking to bump sweep Zak over his head, but the balance is too good.

Sean still trying ot bump Zak over, but the balance is too good. Sean now going for another armlock as Zak tries to go up the middle! It's stifled halfway to a full set-up and Zak resets. They're back in the leg tangle and Zak shifts to a lass guard and briefly tries for an omoplata on Sean's right arm, but it's nowhere close.

Sean drops back to try and free his arms. Zak maneuvers over to come up to his knees and then to his feet, then pass to his left. Sean keeps RDLR and Zak back steps! He's over, but Sean keeps the guard live and Sean uses the scramble to start setting up a possible omoplata as Zak looks to stack Sean on his shoulders/neck. Back to half butterfly and then RLDR, Zak passing to his left almost constantly.

Zak passing to his left and Sean uses his flexibility to get a couple legs in his way, then breaks them back out to open guard. Zak sits back for the footlock/leg tangle position. After a bit of manuevering around, Sean grabs ahold of Zak's arm and works a very odd armbar, which Zak must defend by rolling away. It's defended, but they both seize toeholds. Dueling toeholds almost never go anywhere and that bears out again here.

Zak trying to spin under Sean, has the pant grip, but Sean flops to his back, scoots away and Zak starts coming up top in a leg drag position, but Sean resists the back take! Zak comes up top fully, Sean is trying to use his flexibility to get the farside leg over and replace the guard, but Zak breaks free of it and passes to side control. Has it firmly and tightly!

Sean starting to try to work free, but Zak inexorably works to mount. Starts going for an Ezekiel from the top, which is defended with a hand in there. Zak keeping the mount and keeping the Ezekiel alive. Sean basically hanging out inside the Ezekiel for a minute plus and Zak finally lets it go, starts pushing down on a collar for a cross collar choke. Zak shifts to an armbar! Sean folds his arms up and starts pushing on the legs, rolls backwards and appears to be out of immediate danger.

Zak starts rolling back to the back, which is stuffed, then he switches back to the armbar and flips Sean after a couple seconds. Sean wiggles out, but gives up the quarter guard to Zak. Maxwell has folded Sean up so he's looking away from Zak, holding onto the quarter guard and Zak pushes free as he holds onto the head and sets something up. Sean looking to elbow escape out, Zak looking to set up the collar choke. Sean tries to push up, bait the armbar and Zak isn't having it. Shunts the arms aside and goes for a triangle/armbar. Sean isn't in real danger, but he's stuck as time expires. Sean starts a pass as time expires.

Zak Maxwell and Sean Roberts draw.

Zak Maxwell fought off the early omoplatas, patiently worked to a good guard position for him and absolutely imposed his game upon Sean at roughly the 12 minute point. Zak changed his usual "pass to the right" strategy considerably and it paid off. Sean showed an extreme willingness to attack, but couldn't quite keep Zak  where he wanted.

Good match, even if it's a draw.

Quick intros for Gui and Samir. Gui wearing the black gi and Samir in the white.

Samir vs. Gui:

Gui pulls guard and goes to the DLR position on Samir's right leg. Samir stuffing the hooking leg immediately and Gui switches to the RDLR. Samir's pulling a leg free and gives up a sweep to Gui, who stands up with the leg firmly gripped. Samir switches to a kneebar immediately as Gui comes in. Gui keeps his foot on the ground and starts kneeslicing the upside down Samir. Samir has mostly lost the leg, but still has a cuff way up around the knee and Gui keeps sliding free. Samir lets go of the leg clinch and they shift to sort of a leg weave position. Gui looking to smash and take the back, which is exactly his game. He's forcing Samir to move to avoid a back take and Samir starts pushing Gui's neck up.

Gui bringing a ton of pressure and starting to twist Samir's head and legs in separate directions. Samir kind of holding onto a leg out of desperation and digging in his elbows to avoid giving anything away. Gui bringing immense pressure and pops his leg free, firmly in side control, sets up a lapel baseball choke, which he loves. Samir pushing up to avoid any immediate sub, which Gui uses to set up a possible armbar, while still holding onto the baseball choke set-up.

Gui moves up to knee on belly, still feeding the lapel behind Samir's shoulder to get a tighter grip and he cinches a grip! Starts spinning to north/south and Samir kicks up to save himself! Gui is shunted back to half guard, but hops right back into the choke set-up. Samir holding onto the half guard, but Gui sets up the choke again and spins out to choke Samir.

Gets the baseball choke! Samir taps!

Gui submits Samir with a baseball bat choke.

Quick interviews with both - Gui came away as kind of pissed off, which is awesome because he's fully in "domination mode" and Samir had a little more time to return to non-competition mode.

Intros for the next match start.

Dean Lister in the red shorts and countries of the world rashguard. Babalu in the all black. They're roughly the same size and age.

Lister vs. Babalu:

Babalu coming forwards and getting some headlock things going. Dean being rather passive and giving tit for tat, but not worried about Babalu getting inside and down on his hips. They're clasping heads and fending off grips. Dean starting to come forwards a bit more.

Dean sits down after getting tired of this. He tells Babalu to come in, Babalu initially backs off, then starts grabbing ankles. Dean armdrags him immediately and Babalu falls to guard. Dean looks much stronger right off the bat. Babalu has closed guard and is trying to bump Dean's left arm over. Lister starts playing around, extends his left arm for Babalu to try and armlock (offering bait, so he can pass).

Kenny asks Glover a terrific question about the butterfly guard possibly being better for Babalu to employ here (it probably is). Dean still letting Babalu play around with moving the left arm a bit, but Babalu being smart about what he is and isn't going for. Starts going for Dean's right arm, then breaks down posture. Dean fights free and uses his arms to stay postured up, but it doesn't work. Dean launches into a heel hook from the guard!

They spin and spin and spin, Babalu pushing free and gets out! Dean discards the leg and launches up into half guard as fast as he can, before the referee resets them in the middle due to edging out nearly off the platform.

Babalu being smothered by Dean here, who isn't moving much or setting things up. Babalu has a left underhook, which is pointed out by Kenny and Jeff, but Dean is keeping him fully flat on his back with his own weight and pressure. Jeff is being coy as hell about knowing what Dean is actually doing. Babalu starts bucking up and gets Dean up over him, but Dean balances enough to start a backtake. Dean is off to the side, has a seatbelt grip and Babalu is trying to prevent the second hook from coming in. Dean's hands and grip look immovable.

Babalu trying to slide out to his back and tries for a roll, Dean uses it to reposition and grab Babalu's wrist with both hands. Babalu trying to avoid the mount and spins out! Lister spins with him, but it goes badly! Dean nearly gives up north/south in the scramble!

They reset in the middle and Dean falls to his back for open guard. Babalu being cautious about coming into Dean's open guard, but settles for a sprawled out half guard. Dean goes for a sweep and Babalu manages to keep his balance to sprawl out of it and eventually get up to his feet while Dean lays on his back.

Dean goes for the same spin under half guard sweep. Dean trying to coming up behind Babalu with an underhook, but Babalu using a whizzer to keep Dean down. Dean powers his way slowly to behind Babalu, but the whizzer is keeping Dean at bay for a while.

Dean powers his way into mount after bulling through Babalu's whizzer. Babalu pushes Dean back to half guard and fends off Dean's attempt to take the right foot with him. Dean slides over for a kneebar on the right leg, but Babalu spins out the otherway and they edge out of bounds. Dean on his back again in open guard and Babalu comes in slowly for another halfguard on Dean's right side. Babalu trying to sprawl downwards and keep Dean from using the underhook to come out behind Babalu again. Babalu gets out and spins around, Dean goes to turtle and Babalu sets up an arm-in guillotine. No-Neck Lister immediately bulls out and goes to his back for open guard.

Dean lays back and abandons the guard entirely. Whoa. Babalu gets head control and sprawls in north/south. Babalu trying for another guillotine, but Dean's rolling under and around. Babalu switches to a a brabo choke, but Dean isn't looking very concerned. Hooks his own leg, rolls and spins under to half guard with the underhook, trying to come up behind Babalu. Sprawl by Babalu gets him out and back to Dean's open guard. Dean pulls half guard on his right side again and Sobral trying to pull the head down, pop the leg free and maybe set up another brabo. Dean sorta lets him do that and it's tight enough that Dean flops fully to his back and prevents Babalu from swiveling his hips over. Dean now using his phenomenal shoulders and rib cage to defend and comes out into open guard. Both guys smile at each other.

Excellent commentary here. Babalu standing in the open guard with a minute to go. Dean tries an invert attempt, which goes nowhere and then dives in on Sobral, who sprawls. Time elapses and it's an entertaining draw.

Dean Lister and Babalu Sobral grapple to a draw.

Keenan vs. Vinny is off. Vinny has a MRSA infection and had to drop out. Kevin Casey has stepped in on short notice to grapple Keenan, who has agreed. Daaaaang, Kevin Casey stepped in with 30 minutes notice.

Long intermission. Eat, drink, be merry.

Short intro packages for each fighter. Keenan in the black with red trim. Kevin Casey in the all black with red trim as well. Casey's got a long sleeve rashguard on though.

Keenan vs. Kevin Casey:

Keenanin immediately comes forwards and clinches up. Casey grip fights and Keenan nearly gets taken down by a foot sweep. Casey does it again! But no taking advantage of it. Keenan shoots in and Casey tries for a guillotine. Keenan to his back and Casey cautiously comes in. Keenan looking for RDLR, but Casey kicking loose and repositioning so it's not easily emplaced.

Casey comes in with one knee up and Keenan spins for DLR fast on Casey's right leg, has an underhook on the leg with his arm preventing Casey from pulling free. Casey pops the foot down and then slides his leg free. Keenan flips to the other side and Casey backs out before coming back in. Keenan falls to his right side and Casey starts pulling on Keenan's right leg. Keenan shifts over to DLR on Casey's right leg and tries for a heel hook, but Casey is on the ball and spins out fast.

Keenan very willing to let Casey set the pace and terms of engagement. Casey comes in on his knees and Keenan goes for a hip out armlock-focused guard. Casey keeps the pressure on and eventually postures up out of it. Five minutes gone.

Keenan now employing the body lock from guard as Casey chills out. Casey trying to get his posture right and fend Keenan off. Keenan tries for a hip bump, is fended off, grabs a wrist and then spins to DLR. Casey stands and then resets in butterfly. Keenan goes to closed guard right away and then starts working for rubber guard and the omoplata.

Casey postures up and busts free. Keenan trying to dig out an arm for an attack, but Casey is pulling them away and resetting before anything serious starts. After a bit of working around loosely, Casey is back in the full guard of Keenan and they're both doing what they did before: Keenan going for any arm, Casey looking to pressure-fatigue Keenan.

Keenan inverts, Casey pins the legs down and Keenan starts spinning for something, but Casey's positioning is good enough to thwart whatever it is. Keenan is up in open/butterfly and Casey resets in the middle. A little mini-scramble ensues and Keenan jumps guard, but Casey fights free.

They return to the feet and Keenan immediately clinches up. Casey is actually much better at positioning and footwork on the feet. Keenan shoots in for a takedown and Casey drops back for a guillotine, which is immediately escaped and Keenan blasts his way to mount. Casey on his back, Keenan moving up to high mount and staying very flat, working on an arm with his head and shoulder.

After a minute, Keenan still holding the mount and trying to get a gift wrap going. Casey using his smarts and skills to claw free and roll up to the top of guard, which Keenan uses to try for a triangle. Then Keenan whips to his feet and they spin out of bounds on the feet. Reset in the middle. Both clinch up readily and Keenan wants that underhook, but Casey uses that to get a leg reap takedown. Keenan scrambles free and uses an arm drag to spin Casey to his back.

Keenan now slaps on the 50/50 and Casey frantically trying to avoid a heelhook or ankle lock on the trapped leg. Keenan really going after the leg with his arms, digging in and Casey taps.

Keenan Cornelius anklelocks Kevin Casey at roughly the 14 minute mark.

Intro packages for Clark and Rafa. Clark is in the white gi and Rafa in the black gi.

Clark vs. Rafa:

Double guard pull, Rafa immediately inverts for berimbolo and Clark flattens his back to defend. Rafa stays with it and is using his left leg to shift Clark over for a back take opportunity. Rafa now almost in a banana split position as Clark tries to flatten his back and squirm free. Rafa shaken loose and Rafa tries to re-berimbolo right away before Clark stops it cold.

Rafa baiting Clark with a possible footlock, but Clark knows it's only bait, so he goes for wrist grips and to prevent the berimbolo. Rafa flips over, but it's not for berimbolo and Clark sits up on his butt. Rafa kicks Clark's arm around and starts working some ankle cuff grips and Clark responds by trying to get a collar grip.

Rafa prevents the collar grips and uses his legs to keep Clark's body away from him. Clark and Rafa chilling out here. Rafa berimbolos! Clark really scrambling to get free, but Rafa's farther along this time and is going fully MIyao in trying to backpack Clark. Rafais now underneath Clark, but doesn't have the back secured, Clark's been maneuvered to a place where his legs are trapped in between Rafa's and Rafa has a great pants grip.

Clark uses his excellent defense to swivel free again and Rafa comes up to double guard again. Clark comes up to the feet and starts engaging Rafa in the open guard. That's usually a recipe for a fast sweep, but let us see how Clark goes about it.

Rafa buttscooting in and Clark very, very reluctant to engage fully. Rafa grabbing for a collar, but no success. Rafa briefly inverts for a toehold, but Clark's leg isn't there for it. Clark does have to flop to his butt to keep it out of danger though. Rafa looking to berimbolo again to his left and inverts, but Clark fights out of it early and they go back to the double open guard. Rafa now looking to berimbolo the other way and Clark has this stuffed even earlier. They stalemate and Clark gets back to his feet as Rafa buttscoots.

Rafa berimbolos! He's stuck in the inverted position as Clark flattens out and then comes up to the top! Nearly grabs a leg for something, but Clark pushes and pulls his way free to open guard. Very dangerous position for Clark and he's successfully averted danger here. Rafa now looking to berimbolo again to his left, while Clark gripfights his way to stalemate.

Rafa eventually berimbolos, but Clark accidentally kicks him in the face and it's shaken free to the stalemate position. Rafa tries to come up for a conventional pass, but Clark uses his foot to push him down and they go for the leg tangle again. They are now in a dueling footlock position, but neither guy is really going for it yet. Rafa decides to commit to it and Clark starts shifting around to defend it. They sit up once more.

Clark starting to get aggressive here and Rafa berimbolos to his right, spins, spins some more and has a great pants grip! Clark uses his stunningly good defense to get free and back to the double guard position. Clark stands once more and starts trying for a leg weave/footlock. Drops back for the footlock, it's not close, so Rafa grabs the pants and starts inverting to his right. Then Rafa starts coming up to the top, but drops back to avoid something. After a bit of tussling, Rafa stands up and goes for a leglock, but Clark spins out and Rafa now looking to get another leg lock from a newly emplaced 50/50.

Clark stands with 3 minutes to go and Rafa knocks him down with a DLR hook. Rafa inverts for the berimbolo and Clark is flat on his back, but refusing to let Rafa to spin under or come up top. Rafa hanging on to the DLR hook, but sitting up into the double open guard. Clark tries for a berimbolo himself! No go, of course.

Clark stands and Rafa has a minute and thirty left to do something. Rafa starts pulling Clark into his DLR on the right side. Rafa kicks out and stands, then goes for a footlock on Clark's left leg hard. No go and they reset to double open guard. Rafa stands, starts trying to knee slice his way to side control, but Clark moves him back and looking for a spin under toe-hold.

Rafa matching the spin and Clark trying for a straight footlock, but it's not there. Time expires.

Rafa Mendes and Clark Gracie battle to a draw.

Eddie in the black shirt and white pants. Royler in the white shirt and black shorts.

Eddie vs. Royler:

They slap hands and Royler comes forwards. Eddie pulls half guard on his right side (Royler's right leg).

Royler looking to to get his hands underneath Eddie's before anything else happens. Eddie initially stuffs it, but looks like Royler's stubborness gets the arm under there. Eddie shifts strategy a tiny bit and starts bending outwards a bit. Royler starts encircling the head and grabbing the back of Eddie's pants. Eddie keeping the half guard fully locked on and starting to reach under Royler.

Royler sprawling a bit to keep the leg grabs from going anywhere and digs an hand up under Eddie's topside arm. Eddie starts going to his back and pulling the leg up, but Royler is underhooking the head and putting shoulder pressure on. Royler starts edging upwards finally and Eddie looks to be managing distance here as a result.

Royler using shoulder pressure to fend off Eddie underhooking the free leg. It seems to be making Eddie uncomfortable and less effective. Royler now using mega shoulder pressure to try and get up to quarter guard. Eddie hanging onto the half guard still and possibly looking for a sweep the other way if it's there. Royler swims his free leg through and starts working up nearly to quarter guard. Royler now tee-peeing his body to put as much pressure on Eddie as possible and it's working. Eddie's head is completely the other way from the half guard and the half guard is retained only by his determination. 6:30 hae elapsed.

Royler lets up a bit and Eddie kicks the trapped leg down for a reset of half guard. Eddie underhooks the leg once more and turns into Royler. Eddlie uses the lockdown to spind Royler's leg the other way! OOOOOH! Royler's one leg is way down low, stretched out and the other leg is up on Eddie's shoulder in a split situation! WHOA!

Eddie sweeps to top and has Royler in an awful position. Eddie using his leg underhook to keep Royler's attempts to upa out as smothered as possible. Eddie absolutely grinding here and to side control, although Royler kinda let him do it.

9 and a half minutes have gone by. Royler is nearly motionless under side control and Eddie is getting the wrestling-style cradle going, then shifts to conventional side control. Royler spins out and away, Eddie goes for a wrestling-style pin. Royler looks extremely uncomfortable, but works his way free and Eddie is going for a back take!

Royler shucks him off and is now in top of half guard. Eddie appears to be hanging out and recuperating. Royler preventing Eddie from getting the underhook on the farside or the overhook. Royler trying to work the trapped leg upwards, but facing a periodic lockdown/replacement by Eddie.

Eddie pulls the banana split again from half guard! Royler hasn't gone over onto his back fully yet, and is fighting his way back to the top, but he's definitely on the defensive here. Eddie pushes a second effort through and gets on top of Royler!

Royler doesn't settle and pushes back into top of half guard. 13 minutes gone. Royler now trying his slice through half guard once more. Eddie now has an underhook and is keeping Royler very, very tight.

Eddie gets the banana split once more! Sweeps to top fully again. Royler sweeps back and Eddie re-sweeps! what a back and forth match. Eddie trying for a calf slicer/toe hold, but Royler defends it pronto. Eddie flattens Royler out and they're out of bounds, so a reset in top of half guard in the middle will happen.

What a match.

A reset gone wrong, as the ref has forgotten what position they're in.Bickering ensues, until they look to rewind the DVR to get the position right.

After a TV rewind, they replace in the right position and Royler spins Eddie down, which is apparently fine by Eddie. He waits patiently and then comes back up on top in a leg weave pass position with Royler flattened out.

Eddie flattening Royler out and goes for a toehold! Royler vigorously shaking his hand to signify "No!", while defending and goes for his own leglock positioning as well. Eddie staying with the toehold, but it's not going anywhere and they're fully in a leg tangle that's nearly beyond belief.

Eddie now looking for a straight anklelock and Royler is bumping around, trying to work his way around,b ut it's not working. Eddie can't quite cut the angle with his latissimus and it's sort of a "slightly tilted to Eddie stalemate" situation. Royler still spinning loose and starts contorting his leg into a very awkward position, which is kind of skeeving me out. Eddie staying with the heelhook or anklelock.

Royler is just hanging out here and realizes that Eddie has him stuck there until time elapses. 50 seconds left. Eddie still working for a finish and Royler just gripfighting to last out the time. Eddie giving everything he has for a heel hook with the last 20 seconds left. It's close, but it's no cigar!

Time elapses. Whaaaaat a match. Easily the BJJ match of 2014 between two legends and I would say Eddie came out far, far better than Royler did at the end.

Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie put on a match for the ages and it results in a draw.

Kenny is putting on a great, great post-match interview and Eddie is knocking everything out of the park. Starts crying, thanks his mother, his wife and before that, he explained his strategy a bit. This is so, so entertaining. Now to Royler, who looks happy, yet cheesed off. He thanks everyone around the world. Royler now kind of in a stream of thought here, loving everybody and saying kind of half-funny, half-pablum stuff. Gives a ton of respect to Eddie, who lifts him up with more respect.

Ralek takes over and is wearing a backpack. Eddie fortuitously takes over again and gives thanks to his teacher, Jean Jacques Machado and Carlos Gracie. Royler relays the mic back to Kenny Florian and the event appears to be over.

Jeez, Eddie and Royler brung it. That was a fantastic, fantastic match and Eddie probably "won" it in the eyes of many, despite the result being a draw. A fair amount of respect should be accorded to both men for training, competing and giving us a show.

It's 10:25 and the show is finito. Thank you all for hanging out, reading the blog and participating in the comments. Good night and keep ya nose clean.

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