Jessica Penne talks declining TUF, Michelle Waterson, Zoila Frausto, Injuries and Lisa Ellis

Esther Lin

Jessica Penne with some honest thoughts. Talking about the Waterson fight as one of the worst performances of the year and declining to be on TUF.

Jessica Penne was interviewed on the Promoting Real Woman Radio show and some interesting and honest things to say. You can watch the full interview around the 41:00 mark:

Declining to enter the TUF house

Yeah, I was actually approached moving up a weight class a while back. I was just really stubborn about it and I kept saying 'No, I didn't want to'. My route is always going to be the most difficult way. I always make things really super difficult for myself... Now, I have to try out... I'm gonna go ahead and try out.

I told [The UFC] 'no' many times. I had a couple of friends that got on my case, sat me down and shook some sense into me... If I make it or don't make it, it's my fault.

- Well, that's 32,000 dollars she'll never get back.

[Update] Penne was only asked to move up to 115lbs, to which see said no. Since, she said no she was not actually invited into the house, but it is safe to assume if she did say yes, she would have been invited. (thanks for the heads up, Roxanne Modafferi)

Was asked if she's "proud" of the Michelle Waterson loss because fans/media still said it was the fight or one of the fights of the year

No. Actually, I think it's pretty obnoxious. I've been getting tweets about it. I blocked a few people. I don't want to hear that shit. That was one of the worst performances of the year, not the best fight of the year. I didn't perform well, and she looked really good for it. I really hate that people think that was the best fight of the year because it was definitely one of my worst.

- I feel vindicated. I've been singing a similar tune the moment Waterson hit that armbar. Penne looked awful in that fight, and still put Waterson through hell.

Lisa Ellis is Penne's favorite fight

I've always wanted to break someone's nose and get all bloody... I was really excited. I've been wanting to fight Lisa for a while. She's been saying some stuff about me like I was ducking and dodging her. I was just ready to go.

Zoila Frausto

It was such an awful fight. I was so little and scrawny back then.


[The Lisa Ellis] training camp wasn't without it's ups and downs and injuries. I fought my first title fight [Sugiyama], second title fight [Waterson] and my fight after that [Rivera-Calanoc]... with pretty big injuries. I felt like I did really great and I really lost my momentum after that. I wasn't able to train to my fullest because of injuries. It was kind of frustrating, but I'm getting back.

Some people will call injuries an excuse, and technically it is, but it really, really does affect you. Your body doesn't feel like it's suppose to. You can't move how you normally would move. Frustrating is putting it lightly. I love Jessica Penne's self-honesty/awareness. She's a safe bet to get into the house. The TUF format definitely favors Penne, someone who won't have to cut too much weight if any at all.

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