Reasons to check out the XFC

It was a quiet Saturday night. I had previous plans, and could not watch UFC 171 live. For I would have to wait until Sunday to see who the new welterweight champ was. As many of you know, it's hard to not watch the fights live. You know the feeling. Should I check Facebook real quick, and risk seeing the results? Twitter is usually an automatic no, it's way too risky. As I found out, sometimes the risk is worth it.

It was around 10pm, when I heard the chirps of Twitter coming from my tablet. My first reaction was to ignore it, and continue watching tv. After a few minutes, I decided to check what the notification was. @officialXFC is now following you, it read. I'd never heard of them, so decided to check their website. To my surprise, they were starting the live stream for XFCi2 in minutes. Perfect! I could get my MMA on, and not worry about spoilers for the UFC. I really enjoyed watching this event. Even the fact I couldn't understand a word the commentators were saying didn't bother me.

The XFC is fast becoming my go to for MMA outside the UFC. Here are five reasons you should check them out.

5- Blimps+disco balls= FUN! I'm not sure if it was the multiple sandwiches I consumed before the event, but I really liked them. It gave the event a fun feeling. Something that other promotions seem to lack. Granted it's all about advertisements, but it's a cool way to do it. (Sorry couldn't find any pictures)

4- The Xgirls. One word.... WOW! Of course every Octagon girl I've ever seen has been gorgeous, but this is different. It's like comparing Playboy to Penthouse. It's the same, but so different.



3- The international tournament. XFCi2 held quarter final bouts in the mens featherweight, and welterweight divisions. You can check out brackets, and info here. XFCi3 goes down on Saturday March 29. Where the mens middleweight quarterfinals will take place. Along with the men, the womens strawweight semi finals will happen.

2- Hungry fighters. Number two ties in with number three. I watched four live fights that night, and all delivered action. I also caught the rest of the card the following weekend, and was not disappointed. With most of the fighters being up and comers, they go out and knuckle up as they say. Not much point fighting going on here.

1- North America vs International. The winners of the international tournaments will then come to the US to showcase their talent. All in hopes of becoming world champions. I love this idea. This gives us a chance to possibly follow an XFC world champion from the beginning of their XFC career.

There you have it, five great reasons why I recommend watching the XFC. Take some time, and check them out. You won't be disappointed.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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