WMMA Recap March Week 1-3: Kalindra Faria successful at 115, Fallon Fox bounces back

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Get the lowdown on the latest in WMMA from the first 3 weeks of March 2014.

115lbs: #11 FLW Kalindra Faria def. Aline Serio via unanimous decision

Faria made the cut down from 125lbs (most likely for a shot at the UFC) and defeated Serio for the 2nd time by unanimous decision (first fight was also unanimous decision). Nothing spectacular, but she showed she could keep a decent amount of activity through out the fight, and I didn't see any signs of her slowing down in round 3. Going the distance might have actually been better than winning in 1 minute like Daniel Cormier did with his debut weight cut fight. Time to take a step up in competition, and there are multiple females in Brazil that can help advance her ranking.

No idea why they split this up into 3 videos, but here's the rounds in order... and might be just me, but these Brazilian ring girls are >>>> than the UFC ring girls (including the Brazilian ones they employ)


135lbs: Fallon Fox def. Heather Bassett via 2nd round submission

I was given some criticism for stating Fox was dynamic/explosive. I maintain that, and just in 3 highlights of her fight I feel it is and was an accurate description. Who do you see hit double legs like that? She isn't the most refined, and in that highlight she showed another failed judo throw. Throws that got her in trouble in her loss to Ashlee Evans-Smith, but that immediate reversal (anyone know if that has move has a name?). Just delicious.

Also, I'm seeing reports that Fox won by armbar, but that don't look like no armbar to me. Pretty sure it was a scarfhold armlock, especially from this picture. Fox gets back on the winning track, and snaps Bassett's 4 fight win streak (3 ammy, 1 pro).

Go to 1:32 for the Queen of Swords highlights


115lbs: Randa Markos def. Lynell House via 1st round submission

Unfortunately, no video is available. However, in the post-fight interview Markos, the #1 Canadian strawweight, said that she would be trying out for TUF 20. We might just see her on the cast. There's A LOT of good talent trying out, and the cast is already amazing, so she'd be a giant underdog if she made it.

She fights like she actually gives a damn. Big fan.


CANCELLED: Sherilyn Lim misses weight in rematch with Ann Osman

Missing weight is disrespectful. But, hyping the fight, saying you're gonna knock Osman out, AND missing weight. C'mon.

Here are some quotes via Yahoo Singapore

Osman: "A total waste of time, money and energy. My opponent did not act professionally... she was just not physically and mentally prepared."

Darren de Silva, Lim's coach: "Ann’s camp has every right to be fed up with us. Our fighter didn’t make weight and we take responsibility for it."

Ann Osman and her team took some time, and decided it would be best to cancel the much-anticipated ONE FC rematch. The fight was schduled for 52 kg or aproximately 114.6lbs. Sherilyn Lim weighed in at 55.1kg at first (121.4lbs) and with an extra hour got down to 119.7lbs, but could not continue. I'm actually surprised at 119.7 Osman didn't accept the fight, especially since it was in her home country of Malaysia.


125lbs: Kamila Porczyk def. Iryna Shaparenko via unanimous decision (round of the year candidate - round 1)

This was a ridiculous fight. However, depending on your taste in MMA this was either ridiculously bad or ridiculously good. This was like a sloppier version of Sanchez/Melendez (take that in for a moment) without an awesome comeback and both doing their best Frye/Takayama impressions. The fitness model, Porczyk, amazingly landed almost exclusively with her right hand. Yet, Shaparenko never dropped, nor did she seem all that hurt, just more overwhelmed and gassed the hell out. It was 10 minutes of non-stop action and like 5 minutes of literally nothing happening.

Shaparenko's 18 year old jaw, stood up to a vicious beating. And in round 2 I might have scored that a 10-7, and definitely a 10-8. She was undefeated coming into this (5-0), but man was her striking god-awful. But, I gotta give it up for not giving a single damn, and fighting your heart out to both girls.

Here's a before and after pic of Shaparenko.


125lbs: Takayo Hashi and Ji-Yeon Kim fight to a DRAW

At one point she was one of the best, if not the best 125lber, while still holding her own at 135lbs. She was last seen two years ago taking a decision win over Roxanne Modaferri at flyweight, and before that she took on a murders row of women in Sarah Kaufman (for the Strikeforce 135 title), Tara LaRosa and Cat Zingano (both at flyweight).

Now, 36, and in the return she did not show much improvement, if any. Kim, is yet another "random" female from South Korea with little to no experience, taking on a much more experienced opponent. One common attribute they all have had is above average to very good stand up. That was on display in this striker vs. grappler match up, where each fighter was able to use their strengths. I have no idea why this fight was only given two 5 minute rounds, thus the 'draw' result.

Still, Hashi and Kim wouldn't be horrible additions to Invicta's flyweight division.


105lbs: Catherine Costigan def. Irene Cabello via split decision

It was a very tough fight for the Irish woman, Costigan. Seen as one of the top 105lbs prospects, she had much trouble with the length and flexibility of Irene Cabello (interestingly pronounced "eye-ree-nay" and "ka-vay-yo" by the announcers if anyone knows if this is the correct pronunciation do say ).

I did not see the 1st round (the round that most likely the judges weren't unanimous on) for Cabello. I can understand the Costigan score card, but when it's this close, it has to be a 10-10 round. I hope that the Costigan takedown at the end wasn't what swayed the judges to go with her.

Twice did Cabello secure a triangle off of Costigan's takedown attempts. The first was an arm-in guillotine to triangle. Costigans left arm was still slightly in preventing it from being locked, so Cabello switched from the traditional triangle into, and I've heard a lot of names for this, so I don't really know, but Cabello just switched the calf that would normally be on the top of the foot to the other side. Kind of an "opposite" triangle. Either way, it was a terrible position for Costigan, allowing Cabello free reign to throw elbows and punches from the bottom and you could see it start from 9:22.

And the set up for the second triangle was just like Nate Diaz's famous "double fingers" triangle he hit on Kurt Pellegrino. However, when Costigan was in danger of throwing Cabello down into a triangle she realized it (she was also right next to her corner, so they might have been giving some solid advice) and was able to change her arm placement just slightly. There was still a brief moment for Cabello to lock in the triangle, but that moment is what separates the Anthony Pettis' from lesser MMA guard players.


155lbs: Michelle Young def. Jennifer Johnston via round 1 submission

Not good for the 155lber Johnston. Michelle Young was able to make weight wearing jeans and other clothes, and was able to finish the much bigger Johnston in round 1. [Redacted due to being a daft fool at times] I'm very skeptical about this division, and anything 145 and over to be honest. It intrigues me, but still very skeptical.

This isn't very important, but it ends it like 2 minutes, and there's video so here you go.

Ring girl vs Ring girl

At RFA 13 Alyce Roen def. Stephanie Watts by submission (triangle) round 2.

It was a terrible fight. I expect better from RFA. Yes, they both made their amateur debuts, but this shouldn't be on a RFA card, especially since they're known to be a premier prospect development league. I'm not the matchmaker, so I don't know, but this reeks of "let's put a hot girl vs. another hot girl".

If you really wanna watch the fight click here and go to about 45:00. RFA is apparently going to try and put on at least one WMMA fight per card in the future... Hopefully, they find much, much better girls than this (I guess at least it was a finish). RFA put on one more WMMA fight on this card, an amateur lightweight battle, and that was a decent level (at 1:30:00 ish).

Also, I could not stand Jens Pulver's commentary. There's a harshness to his voice I don't like. Stacey Lynn, who hosts the WMMA Jam podcast, was on hand to commentate this fight and I'd like to hear more of her (for once she didn't have a ton of static distorting her voice like on her podcast).



Sometimes the full fight isn't available, but once I find, I post on




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