UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs Henderson 2 - Results and post-fight analysis

A look back at the action from the tremendous UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Henderson 2 card.

Moments before the end of the fight, I tweeted out that Dan Henderson's corner should probably stop the fight should he take one more huge shot from Mauricio Rua. After all, Henderson got badly hurt multiple times in the first round. At least twice it seemed that Shogun was about to finish him off before he was able to make it to the end of the round. A huge uppercut from Shogun dropped Henderson in round two.

Given the first fight with Shogun and the brutal KO at the hands of Vitor Belfort, I didn't exactly want to see what was going to happen if Henderson -- always too tough for his own good -- continued to get his brain rattled around in his skull.

Then...it happened.

Henderson did what he does, he found enough room to launch a massive shot from the right distance with Shogun's defense compromised. That one punch was enough to more or less explode Shogun's nose, ending the fight on the spot.

I stand by thinking Henderson's corner would have been right to stop it with one more big shot, but that manis as tough as they come and his combination of ungodly chin and horrifying power keeps him a threat in basically all situations.

  • C.B. Dollaway baiting and then crushing Mutante was a real career highlight. Dollaway backed to the cage, went into a somewhat ill advised shoulder roll but managed to pick off incoming punches and then land a two punch combo that dropped Mutante. From there it was just a few punches on the ground to get the stoppage, but it was a sort of moment of growth for Dollaway. People are never going to like the guy because he looks like a jerk, but he has gotten noticeably better as a fighter.
  • Fabio Maldonado has become a fan favorite for exactly the way he fought tonight against Gian Villante. Villante fought smart and safe in round one, scoring a takedown and basically nursing the position, avoiding falling into his habit of brawling. Round two onward was Maldonado's world, however. Maldonado works his boxing game so well, using a strong jab and a rare willingness to dig to the body to break down the lower-mid tier of the UFC. Once he got control of the fight there was no turning back, he just poured it on Villante until people on Twitter were begging Herb Dean to stop the fight with ten seconds left in the fight.
  • Michel Prazeres beat Mairbek Taisumov in a bout that will mostly be remembered for Taisumov being deducted two points for grabbing the cage, then told that he'd receive no more warnings...only to receive a warning for his next infraction. It was classic Mario Yamasaki.
  • Rony Jason picking up a somewhat controversial win was a bit of a downer. I think he was on the verge of stoppng Steven Siler, but the stoppage appeared to be very quick, with Siler talking to the ref as he was on the ground as the stoppage was being made. Still, Rony looked solid and, as I state, was likely on his way to a TKO win in the next 30 seconds anyway.
  • Thiago Santos was a great surprise on the FS1 prelims. When he landed his body kick on Ronny Markes, Markes made a noise that explained exactly what it felt like to eat a great liver kick. He took a step back, looked at the ground and made a noise that sounded something like "BWOULGH!" before Santos charged in for the finish. There's nothing quite as awesome as a body shot that shuts a guy down.
  • You have to feel for Scott Jorgensen. He is now 0-2 at 125 lbs, but he got crushed by a headbutt by Jussier Formiga that set up the rear naked choke finish. Jorgensen tweeted and told media after the fight that he was more or less KO'ed by the headbutt, then woke up in a choke. Jorgensen is only 1-5 in his last six fights, but the losses came to Renan Barao, Eddie Wineland, Urijah Faber, Zach Makovsky and Jussier Formiga. That's just a brutal schedule.
  • UFC 2014 results tracker! With 4 decisions, 2 submissions and 5 KOs, 2014 has seen 61% of the UFC's fights go to decision. That's down from 63% coming in. Nights like this will bring things back a much more normal level. On the year there have been 66 decisions, 14 submissions, 27 KOs and 1 DQ.
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