Shogun Rua talks special mouthguard, crying, happiness and other things you rarely see from him

In a rare interview from Shogun, that doesn't seem overly generic, hear about his special mouth guard, crying and some other interesting facts.

UFC correspondent Bel Mota was on hand to ask Shogun Rua a few 'more personal' questions before his much-anticipated rematch with Dan Henderson this Sunday.

You can watch the full interview here


Something that I am very careful with is my mouthguard. You can buy a mouthguard anywehre, but mine is special. It's something very personal. I have been using it a long time. It's something I like to have blessed. So there's something to it... a good luck charm. So my mouthguard cannot be missing

The interviewer, Bel Mota, was speaking around the "good luck charm" part, so I'm unsure if she said something and it was translated at that part as well.

"And do you cry, Shogun?" (Straight from the video, I swear... she just kind of blurted it out, no transition, no nothing.)

It is hard for me to cry. In my life I have cried only a few times... When my daughters were born, I cried. It is not like that... but it is hard for me to cry.

(asked if he cries after a fight) I do. I cry.

Sleeping after a fight

... Usually I don't sleep... I don't think I am able to sleep because of the adrenaline. It is difficult to fight and sleep.


Happiness is accomplishing your dreams. I have accomplished many dreams fight so far. Professional ones. But I sitll have many others I want to accomplish. I have also realized personal ones with my family having my children, getting married. So happiness is you realizing your dreams.

Well, Shogun isn't the first name that pops up in my head when I think philosophical or thought-provoking. But, hey at least she tried to get a side of Shogun we never see. Just seems to be a simple and happy guy(not a knock on Shogun whatsoever) very content with his life. Then again, how could anyone think anything, but happy thoughts when you're doing an interview riding some romantic first-date two-person bike with Bel Mota!?

Catch the former model doing what he does best, in a hopefully "vintage" Shogun performance as he rematches Dan Henderson in Brazil.

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