UFC 171 Main Card Breakdown

First off Krylov v OSP, who in the hell saw this coming? A Von Flue choke, first I’ve ever seen in MMA,

This was a must win fight for Shields and he looked very much in the zone walking in. Lonbard came out and threw Shields around like a ragdoll, Hector just wanted to prove himself and power into Shields, This looked bad for Jake, he had to weather the storm. The secret to winning was making Lombard work hard and try and get him to gas. Lombard had other ideas and cut Shields early and repeatedly tagged him, Shields looked for the head kick repeatedly but telegraphed it badly and failed. At 1.30 he tried to take down Hector and came off the on the wrong end of the exchange and wound up with Lombard in his guard at the end of the round.

Second Round Lombard swung hard and Jake kept going for the terribly slow head kick, once again Lombard ragdolled Shields to the ground, unfortunately he didn’t do a lot while he was there, Shields looked for the guillotine but it wasn’t there, they were stood back up and Shields was on the back foot again. Lombard looked to have gassed a bit and the activity level was much lower, he still managed to take Shields down again with a big hip toss, once again, when on the ground, there was not a whole lot of activity..

At this point the question was whether Lombard was going to be able to maintain the pace and whether Shields was ever going to turn it up/on and do something, anything to be more aggressive and deliver something that Lombard would even notice as he’d not shown it by this point.

3rd, Shields still looked pretty fresh and was still snapping out his horribly slow, horribly telegraphed kicks and VERY little else, a little nut shot by Hector broke things up but after that, more of the same, Hector picked up Jake and tossed him to the ground and then, frankly, nothing happened.. It was the waiting for godot of MMA, nothing changes, nobody does anything, its awful… by this point the care / don’t care was firmly in the don’t care camp… Shields tried to kick, tried to shoot (terribly) and they were back to the ground and we were watching the same shit show we’d seen thus far.. Jake failed to do anything, Hector didn’t posture up, he didn’t G ‘n’ P, it was just not interesting, what a waste, the crowd was booing and then Shields caught Lombard in a guillotine which looked pretty tight but in the words of George Bush senior “too little, too late”. Thankfully it was all over. Lombard got a W but it was all completely meh.. I scored all 3 rounds for Lombard, some people thought Shields got the second, I can’t see it myself.

Myles Jury v Diego Sanchez was always going to be good. We all love Diego, he’s fucking crazy (currently has no gameplan but what the hell!). Deigo opened with the front side kick, Jury caught him and Diego baited him into a row, he wanted a massive slugfest, Jury was clever enough not to get drawn in and showed some great movement. At 3.30 Diego caught Jury a couple of times and they were up against the fence, Diego got in some great knees but didn’t do too much to trouble Jury. Things settled and then Diego got bored and tried to suck him in again by dropping his hands and mean mugging, again Jury didn’t get dragged in, toward the end of the round Jury landed a decent head kickand took Diego down with .30 to go, some back and forward which ultimately didn’t do enough, round 1 was Myles Jury’s.

Round 2 both guys come out smiling and taunting a little, Diego got an early flurry off and Jury tagged him really well in return at 4.20. Diego tagged him back at 3.30 and staggered Jury both guys knew they were in a gunfight and Jury was still getting the best of it. Diego is getting a bit predictable as I said he has one gameplan and everyone knows it now. Jury was following the BJ Penn plan of picking hijm apart and being very technical. Jury tagged Diego and they went to the ground, Jury wound up in a guillotine, Diego worked hard but failed to clasp his hands together and Jury got out and reversed him, as they got up Jury caught Diego with a very nice uppercut against the fence. Again, jury’s round.

Jury came out in round 3 looking loose and fresh, Diego looked like he had been in a war. Jury stayed away from Diego’s rushed and flurries, kept on the outside and worked the jab very well. Diego finally found a home for the kick but not enough of them. His rock em sock em robot style was in full effect, everything at full power, everything was thrown like he was hitting a home run. Jury threw a flying knee with little effect and then took Diego down, Diego tried a few things, triangle, arm bar and guillotine attempt were all there but to no avail. Jury got that round too for me.

Overall not a bad fight but completely predictable, Diego needs to change his game if he really wants to carry on fighting.

Carlos Condit v Tyron Woodley… I’ve been looking forward to this, I don’t buy what Woodley has been selling and I think Condit was the man to expose him. Woodley caught Condit early with a right and followed it up with another 5 seconds later, this was an unexpected start, damn… Woodley gets Condit up against the cage after a minute or so of no damage work they break and Condit tagged an already tired looking Woodley who took down Condit. Condit’s game off his back is excellent and Condit nearly caught him in a triangle, Woodley threw him off but at a big toll of energy, Condit gets a few strikes in and Woodley goes to the ground again, after some good work by Condit they are up, Woodley catches him with a spin and Condit catches him in return. Some great back and forward in round one. Tough round to call, I’d give it to Woodley.

Rd2 and Woodley looks slower, Condit catches him with a couple of kicks and looks incredibly fresh considering the amount of action in round one. Something happened with Condit, Ankle, Knee? Not sure, Woodley took him down. They got back up, Woodley caught Carlos’ knee and that was it, Having watched the replay several times it looks like when I blew my ACL, man I feel sorry for Carlos, a blown ACL is no fun at all and this was shaping up to be a really good fight.


Round one. Robbie was straight in for the kill backing Hendricks up against the fence, they reset but Robbie made a statement of intent and the crowd chanted “Robbie, Robbie”. Hendricks wrestled Robbie against the fence and Robbie held his own and refused to be taken down. Robbie’s takedown defence really is great. As usual Hendricks was relying on the left, that’s all he threw power into but he has mixed some kicks into his game and worked Lawler’s lead leg pretty well with them. Hendricks was definitely landing more and much cleaner shots in round one. That one went to Hendricks.

Rd2 Robbie tags Hendricks again and starts to look a bit looser, he was pretty flat footed and needed to work some more movement as his corner suggested. Hendricks landed some very solid shots and slowed Robbie down, he started mixing knees, punches and kicks, he looked like a much better version of Johnny Hendricks than we have seen to date. Lawler looked for a choke off a Hendricks takedown attempt but it came to nothing and they settled into trading with Robbie standing in front of Hendricks waiting for an opening meanwhile Hendricks looked to be picking holes in him. Hendricks tee’d off at the end of the round but we closed with a big left hook from Robbie. Hendricks wins the second round.

Lawler came out aggressive in the third and landed some early kicks, Robbie stared turning things up, maybe he was waiting out the first 2 rounds to tire Hendricks? Johnny stuck with the same gameplan, mixing up strikes with big combinations, meanwhile Robbie just sucked it all up. Lawler caught Hendricks with an uppercut and smelled blood, Lawler looked for the finish, tagging him again and again, lots of time on the clock and blood in the water. Hendricks tried to defend and went for a takedown which Robbie defended. Robbie got the left in over the top again and went back to chasing him, both guys took some great shots, 30 seconds to go and Robbie’s arms looked tired, he landed over 50 clean shots in those last 90 seconds. Round 3 for Lawler.

Rd4 The snap was back in Robbie’s punches and rolling much better with what Hendricks was throwing, They started trading and Lawler had the best of it in the first minute, Johnny shot and was stuffed, Lawler settled into some very clean boxing and Hendricks was bloodied up badly. Lawler had paced himself really well and looked really fresh, some great lefts getting through, he tagged Hendricks again with a big one and they stood and traded but Robbie still looked fresher and more able to stand the very high pace of the fight. Hendricks kept sneaking through the leg kick and got the takedown at the end of the round. Lawler’s round again.

5th Round, it's all down to this!!

Hendricks needed something big and he knew he had to win this round. Robbie kept him on the outside and Johnny went for the takedown which Robbie defended well, nearly a minute against the fence and Miragliotta breaks them up. Lawler goit back into the rhythm he set last round, Hendricks came back, he landed a couple of great lefts and Robbie looked wobbled. Hendricks got the takedown after seeing Robbie looked slower and less able to deliver. Lawler looked pissed to be on the ground and pissed at Hendricks laying and praying out the end of the round, if you disagree that’s what he did then you’re wrong. Hendricks wins by lay and pray finish…. Yeah he had a good round but if you see a guy wobbling and looking like you could finish him then you damn well finish him.

A deserved win for Hendricks, he should have finished the fight though.

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